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Stanley Goldenberg Movie Connection

Faith-based films are a bright light amid the darkness of many Hollywood films. Many films from 2023 such as “Sound of Freedom”, “Jesus Revolution,” “Big George Foreman,” “The Blind,” and “Journey to Bethlehem,” continue to touch people through DVD, streaming and licensed church showings. There have already been several faith films this year, and the rest of 2024 will see many additional and diverse faith films. When believers support these films in theaters (especially on opening weekend), it enables the movies to touch and change lives. These movies will not only bless believers, but also provide an excellent opportunity for outreach. And, since the secular media usually ignores these, we as believers need to help spread the word as much as we can.


Preview of upcoming releases

Check film websites for additional information. Release dates are subject to change, and some are yet to be determined (TBD). Films show at least one week except for “Fathom Event” releases (indicated by *), which show for limited nights. For family-friendly reviews of many of these and other films, check pluggedin.com. Websites like faithfilmfan.com and fathomevents.com/categories/inspirational are excellent resources to get information and updates since more films will be added.


“The Chosen Season 4” (*Episodes 7-8: 2/29-3/10) The gospel story continues with final episodes of Season 4. thechosenriseup.com

“Ordinary Angels” (started 2/23) Based on the amazing true story of a hairdresser rallying a community to help a widowed father save the life of his daughter in need of a liver transplant – a story of finding purpose in life and how God can even use very imperfect vessels to help others. With 2-time Oscar winner Hillary Swank and Alan Ritchson (Reacher). ordinaryangels.movie

“Cabrini” (starts 3/8) Incredible true story of Francesca Cabrini, an Italian nun who bravely fought for those at the margins of society. From Alejandro Monteverde (“Sound of Freedom”). angel.com/cabrini

“Forty-Seven Days with Jesus” (*3/11,12,14) A Resurrection musical featuring a family restored through the telling of the story of Jesus. With Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone (“The Chosen”). fortysevendaysfilm.com

“Ark and the Darkness” (*3/20,21) Scientists reveal the reality of Noah’s Flood using geology, paleontology, the fossil record, ancient history, volcanism, and earth science. noahsflood.com

“Someone Like You” (starts 4/2) Redemptive love story about a young architect whom, after the loss of his best friend, launches a search for her secret twin sister. someonelikeyou.movie

“Irena’s Vow” (*4/15,16) Based on the amazing true story of a housekeeper who hides Jews in the basement of a Nazi commandant’s house. quiverdistribution.com/films/upcoming/irenas-vow

“The Hopeful” (*4/17,18) True story of a 19th century New England community transformed as they wait for Jesus’ return – showing how hope and faith can change the world. thehopefulmovie.com

“Unsung Hero” (starts 4/26) Remarkable true story of the Smallbone family (Rebecca St. James and For King and Country) – about a mom’s faith standing in the midst of trials to inspire her husband and children. unsunghero.movie

“Multiplied” (*5/20,21) Jesus-centered film with the goal to win as many people as possible to Christ. everynationwillbow.com/multipliedmovie

“Sight” (starts 5/24) Based on the true story of a Chinese immigrant defying all odds to become a world-renowned eye surgeon. With Greg Kinnear and Terry Chen. sightthemovie.com

“Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” (*6/4-6) Catholics share their journey to rediscover the importance of the Eucharist. Jesusthirstsfilm.com

“Possum Trot” (starts 7/4) Based on the true story of families in a small church who adopted difficult-to-place children in the foster care system, igniting a national movement. angel.com/movies/possum-trot

“The Forge” (starts 8/23) New movie from the Kendrick Brothers with old friends (from “War Room”) and new twists about a young man discovering God’s amazing purpose for his life. theforgemovie.com

“White Bird” (starts 10/4) A bully visited by his Jewish Grandmother from Paris is transformed by her remarkable story about how her life was rescued from the Nazis by the kindness of a schoolmate. From best-selling author of “Wonder.” With Helen Mirren & Gillian Anderson. whitebird.movie

“Bonhoeffer” (starts 11/1) The story of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a man who preached love while standing up to the evils of Nazi Germany – willing to risk his life to do what is right. angel.com/movies/bonhoeffer

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” (starts 11/15) Based on the classic book – an inspiring story about the surprises when six of the worst youngsters disrupt the town’s Christmas performance. From Dallas Jenkins (“The Chosen”). bestchristmaspageantever.movie

“No Address” (TBD) Profound film bringing faces to the real problem of homelessness. noaddressmovie.com

“Homestead” (TBD) Action-packed apocalyptic thriller with redemptive characters and hopeful themes. With Neal McDonough. angel.com/homestead

“Reagan” (TBD) Ronald Reagan’s (Dennis Quaid) inspiring story told through the voice of a KGB agent. reaganmovie.com  

“Unbreakable Boy” (starts 2/1/2025) Based on the true story of an autistic boy with brittle-bone disease, whose joyous, life-affirming worldview transforms everyone around him. With Zach Levi (American Underdog, Shazam). By the Erwin Brothers. theunbreakableboy.movie


Some of the ways to help these films touch more lives 

  • Stay informed about upcoming faith films through sites like faithfilmfan.com, facebook.com/LightinDarkPlace, and/or by joining the movie email list (bit.ly/faithfilms). 
  • Pray (and fast)! 
  • Help spread the word via social media, fliers, church bulletins, etc.
  • Help organize groups to see the films on opening weekend. 
  • Purchase tickets as far in advance as possible.


Feel free to contact me for assistance in any of these areas (including getting group discount tickets). See you at the movies!


Stanley Goldenberg has been involved in grassroots promotion of Christian films for over 17 years. He has hosted a regular “Movie Connection” program on LIFE-FM (90.9 FM) in Miami. He is also a federal hurricane research meteorologist who has published scientific articles and appeared in numerous TV hurricane specials. 

For more on faith-based movies, visit https://www.goodnewsfl.org/topic/culture/movies/

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