Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

The voice of a young girl screams relentlessly as she is being sold into the sex trade industry, “Help…help…please help,” but no one is there to hear her cry. No one is there to speak up on her behalf and be a voice against her injustice. Betrayed by her own mother, she was given over […]

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Charlie Sheen vs. Jesus

Last year, actor Charlie Sheen suffered an infamous, extremely public meltdown. Sheen took the media by storm; flaunting his sexual escapades, self-proclaimed superhuman ability to ingest massive quantities of drugs, and extreme hatred toward those who opposed him. One could barely turn on a television in early 2011 without seeing Sheen’s face on nearly every […]

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The XXX Problem

In December 1953, Hugh Hefner published the first issue of Playboy magazine from his home kitchen. Approximately 50,000 copies were sold at a price of 50 cents each; the black and white images of Marilyn Monroe inside revealed little more than what can be seen in a grocery store checkout line today. Fast-forward 60 years […]

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