An Invitation Back to Church

Do you want to go to church with me this Sunday? It seems simple enough to invite a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker or even stranger to attend a church service with you, but according to studies by The Barna Group, behind these words (or others just like them) are some... -Read More

Ikondo is Redefining Mission Trips

Your Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are flooded with pictures of you and your family. There’s that moment when you conquered a stand-up paddle board, your triumphant grin just a little brighter than the sunlight reflected off the crystal clear ocean waves. The expression of exhilaration as you explored a mountain bike... -Read More

Eat Lunch Alone? Not In My School!

What problem can you identify at your school and what can you do about it? It was a simple question but it was the match that lit a national solution to a problem every blog post, book or movie on teenagers addresses: high school lunch. Not the actual food but the... -Read More

The Smallest Kindness

  In her book, Etched In Sand, Regina Calcaterra writes how as children, she and her siblings would write their names in the sand of the beaches of Long Island. Cherie     Camille     Regina     Norman     Rosie Then they encircled each name with a heart and watched as the relentless waves wiped their... -Read More

Churches Unite to Love South Florida

Your church is planning their annual Thanksgiving outreach. Down the street, another congregation is collecting Christmas gifts for the under-resourced. Across town, they are meeting to talk about how to support single moms within the congregation during the holidays. This is the season when many churches turn their attention to outreach.... -Read More

Living a Legacy

Past the privates planes and the slots for rental cars, left of the aquarium before the sparkling carafe of lemon water and just across from the fully equipped business center is a simple office. Physically it is squarely rooted in Fort Lauderdale but once you have spent more than a couple... -Read More

Without Rival Hammers Home the Dangers of Comparison

  According to the advance press, Lisa Bevere’s latest book, Without Rival, is designed for “each of us to discover who and why we are a daughter without rival, loved by a God without rival, entrusted with a promise without rival, to complete an assignment without rival, that is destined for... -Read More

On the Edge of a Revolution

  Peek into a classroom and you may see students learning their letters while in the next room they’re learning how to multiply. Welcome to Pompano Beach Elementary (PBE) where, whether they know it or not, these students are on the front lines of a revolution and the battlefield is their... -Read More

When Walls Talk: Inside 4KIDS

Scattered. Living out of boxes. Always on the move. It’s poignant to realize that the same words that can be used to describe the condition of the temporary orphans in our community, our children in foster care, can also be used to describe those committed to finding them a permanent home.... -Read More

God As A Kid in The Young Messiah

So what was it like to raise the Son of God? When He was learning to walk, did He know He had made the flowers his feet crushed? Was He popular? Did He make childhood friends? Is it at all telling that no one ever steps forward claiming to be His... -Read More