Essential Characteristics of a Leader

Leadership impacts all of us. One of the lessons of the Bible is that all of God’s people are to serve in one way or another as leaders. We are all to reflect to some extent the functions of prophets, priests and kings within the new people of God and before... -Read More

Ramadan, Fasting and the Good News

This year Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, takes places from May 27 to June 25. For Muslims it brings thirty days of rigorous fasting, along with prayer, reading of the Qur’an and giving to the poor. Christians disagree strongly with Muslims about their understanding of God. However, Ramadan... -Read More

Who Will Rescue Us?

Refugees often experience fear, confusion and shame. Their plight is a picture of the broken human condition. We all live in a time of danger — none are immune. The life and death questions we face desperately need answers. Our brokenness, and the brokenness of our nation, can rob us of... -Read More

What’s So Great about Heaven?

A few months after my older sister died, I found my mother crying uncontrollably. The tears where not only for my sister, but they were also about heaven and Dad. Mom blurted out, “Will your father still be my husband in heaven?” She could not imagine a life without him. Like... -Read More

God’s Wisdom in Christ: The Way of the Cross

Without wisdom human flourishing is impossible. Today culture is bewitched by scientific knowledge and technical skill. This is seen, for example, in education’s emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). While these are amazingly productive disciplines, our world is left hungry for wisdom. There are problems that the hard sciences... -Read More

Appreciating Other Church Traditions

Visitors are naturally amazed at the variety of Florida’s palm trees. There are over twenty five hundred palm species in the world and many are grown right here. They share a family resemblance, but they also exhibit an astonishing diversity. Similarly, while looking for a Christian community in South Florida, one... -Read More

Engaging Muslims with Wisdom and Love

The Lord calls Christians to relate wisely and virtuously with all people. This includes how followers of Jesus engage Muslims. Acts of terrorism done in the name of Islam, against both Muslims and non-Muslims, can tempt us to respond in ways that are neither wise nor virtuous. If people have never... -Read More

To Vote or Not to Vote

American Christians have traditionally considered voting for a president a sacred duty. Every four years the question was not whether to vote, but for whom to vote – typically a Republican or a Democrat. Two election cycles ago, Ted Lewis edited a collection of essays, Electing not to Vote: Christian Reflections... -Read More

The Virtue of Getting Along with Others

Disputed matters are tearing at the fabric of society: law enforcement and racism, national security and immigration, economics and poverty, marriage and sexual identity, international affairs, refugees and the sad list goes on. In his 2008 book entitled, The Case for Civility: And Why Our Future Depends on It, author Os... -Read More