Women Called To Be Salt and Light In the Workforce

Behind every powerful male figure in history there has been a woman; there have also been women who have risen above all odds and wielded tremendous power. Queens, princesses, presidents, ambassadors, heads of state, successful business women, wives, mothers — all running, organizing, informing or supporting some type of organization or... -Read More

Make Christmas Meaningful for Kids

  If you are like most families, the Christmas season brings a certain anticipation of one, two or even twelve days filled with family traditions. From Christmas trees shopping adventures to decorating your house with mistletoes, candles and candy canes, baking delicious desserts and splashing the Christmas colors and twinkle lights... -Read More

Connecting with Smartphone Obsessed Kids

75,400,000 — That’s quite a significant number. It represents the total population of millennials — those people born between 1983 and 2000s — dubbed “the smartphone generation.” The largest generation in the United States, this population is certainly different from any other, as they are digital natives. They witnessed the explosive... -Read More

Churches Reach Tech Savvy Followers

Many moments throughout the day we find ourselves picking up our phones to check a notification, even if there is no sound to alert us of one, browse the Internet, text, use an app, listen to audio and even engage in the old-fashioned “telephone call.” Using technologies like smart phones, video,... -Read More

New App Translates God’s Word into Emojis

There is a trend today of making things easier, faster and less complicated: fast food you grab on the go, gourmet coffees that keep us running like machines, smart phones, which may eventually be smarter than us, and an obsession with text messaging in place of face-to-face communication. To add flair... -Read More

Called to Teach

  “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” You’ve heard the popular saying, implying that people with real practical skills are out doing constructive things while those who can’t cut it in the “real world” find a less demanding refuge in teaching. The truth is nearly the exact opposite: Those... -Read More

Rescue Upstream Battles Against Human Trafficking

  Human trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation is an illegal, underground business that’s become a global problem difficult to extrapolate a solution. Or is there? How do you combat sexual exploitation in all its forms, especially prostitution and trafficking of women and children, in particular girls, when many... -Read More

Family Reunions Help Tell the Story of Us

In “the good ol’ days,” Jim and Shirley Cox, of Plantation, celebrated their annual family reunion at their beach house in a little coastal town called Garden City in South Carolina. The reason for the reunion was simple: to bring family members together. There was no schedule of activities to be... -Read More

Summertime When the Livin’ is Easy

“Summertime when the livin’ is easy…” are lyrics that can grab your attention like no other song can about this chilled but hot, fun season. For some, the idea of going on a summer vacation fills you with unchecked joy. You’ve been fantasizing the months between June and August with the... -Read More

A Modern-day Priscilla

We often look at women portrayed in the Bible and Christian women who have impacted history through their stories of formidable faith and think they are in a league of their own. But that’s not necessarily true. While we should look at Mary, Esther, Ruth or Mary Magdalene’s record, study the... -Read More