The Midwest Meets the Middle East

“Can’t wait to see snow,” was my reaction when I learned that I had to travel to Chicago on a business trip at the ripe age of 22. I took a night flight, and although cold, the drive to the hotel was pleasant. A date at the federal courthouse awaited me... -Read More

Grandpa Knows Best

He did not have degrees on the wall, a couch or charge $100 per hour, but was a great psychologist and counselor. What he did have was a perennial cigar in his mouth, thinning hair and a constant penchant for a strong cup of coffee. He was a successful cigar maker,... -Read More

No Home Here

 The successful businessman married the peasant maid much to the disdain of his family and friends, and soon thereafter I was born. He passed five years later, which led my mom and I to leave the country and move to the U.S. Several years later, my mom married a man lacking... -Read More

Undercover Christian

The cure was worse than the disease. A stern Franciscan nun by the name of Sister Margarita met me at the second grade entrance of a Catholic school in Cuba many years ago. Being the first day of school, she delineated a sundry list of rules and immediately commenced to impart... -Read More