Get deBunked Tour

We are hitting the streets, small towns, big cities, the streets, churches, and just about every Chic-fil-A we can find. Join us on the deBUNKED bus journey as we ask the tough questions, share the duBUNKED unapologetic apologetic video, and see if there is a changed perspective. It only takes a little hope to create […]

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Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Welcome to the 55th annual Fort Lauderdale Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. We are looking forward to April 28th! If we were to walk through the streets of our city and ask people what they would pray for, we would hear a variety of different answers. These might include prayers for financial or work struggles, family issues, […]

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Race for Faith

Race for Faith is a Not-for-Profit Run & Walk Established in 2003 with over 7,000 participants and fans over the years. This Race has given over $70,000 back to the community and is making an impact in well deserving countries. We want to encourage those who have Faith and to bring Hope to those who question […]

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