Not only does God hear us, He speaks to us through scripture, and longs to have a personal relationship with us and to hear the desires of our hearts. Through these personalized prayer books, it’s our hope that you will be equipped in your time of trial, illness or loss to connect with God through His Word, and to pray with power, truth and wisdom.

Whatever challenges are in your life, I pray these personalized prayer books will equip you in praying. They are filled with the scriptures we have prayed and compiled over the last 25 years. We have seen many miracles as a result.

Your name or the name of your loved one will be woven throughout the scriptural prayers as you pray with this book in hand.

Why not print one out and say the simple prayer I did; “Lord teach me to pray”? God will HEAR you and change the course of your life as He did mine. I wish each and every one of you an amazing journey in prayer. What God desires more than anything is to be in a relationship with you! So go to Him; he is listening. May God bless you with the things you long to see Him fulfill because He loves you and wants to hear from you at GODHears.com .

God hears you and miracles happen every day. Order at godhears.com/prayer-books/ .