Father-Daughter Dance

Men, we need to constantly remind our girls that we are not Prince Awesome, but that title belongs to the only one who defines love – Jesus. They need to know that as much as they are our “little princesses,” God holds their hearts in His mighty hand.

On March 12th we will be reminding them of just that.

Participate in a memorable experience during the Father-Daughter dance at Coral Ridge for fathers and their daughters, 3 – 12 years old on Saturday, March 12 at 6 p.m. at the Coral Ridge Fellowship Hall. Formal attire is expected.

Men, this evening is not about us! This will be an evening where they will forever know they are not only your daughters but most importantly a daughter of the King, and a Princess to Abba Father. Once they know that, they will never have to look for love because forever they are loved by God.

For more information about the Father Daughter Dance, visit www.crpc.org/princessdance.