7th Annual Hope Bash Boca

Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus will recognize Fleming and NCCI, Inc. as their 2019 Jay DiPietro Heroes of Hope at the Seventh Annual Hope Bash Boca, presented by the Coulombe Family Foundation at Boca West Country Club, 20583 Boca West Drive, Boca Raton at 6:30 p.m on November 2.

The event is not only a way to raise funds for programs that change lives, but it is also a way for friends of Palm Beach County’s children, youth and families to gather “Under the Palms” to celebrate local leaders.

Hope Bash Boca guests will enjoy dinner, dancing, live music, entertainment and various fundraising opportunities.

Tickets are $300 each and can be purchased at https://www.placeofhoperinker.org/event/hopebashtickets/