The Aventura Harvest Revival

Join The Aventura Harvest for its “Aventura Healing Revival,” December 13-15, 7 p.m., at Highland Oaks Middle School Auditorium, 2375 NE 203rd Street, Aventura.

The City of Aventura, surrounded by beautiful mountains linked together, each having its own distinct color and composition…segregated from the preaching of the Gospel.

These mountains represent the pompous pride of the city leaders and its citizens, being carried down to an eternal hell without interruption, as harvesters stand back giving these souls a pass to make their dwelling in the lake which burns with never-ending FIRE and BRIMSTONE.
Who among the Lord’s Army will hear the call of the HOLY GHOST and join Jehovah Saba-oth (Host of the Lord’s Army) to war against satan for these captives in the city of Aventura?

The Vision: To bring churches together from around the Nation to Host a “Healing Revival” for a great HOLY GHOST move in the spiritually bankrupt city of Aventura.

WELCOME Pastors! We need you on board this team. Come and co-labor with the Holy Ghost in the Aventura Harvest. Are there ways you can HELP/ Please let us hear from you. We especially need your PRAYERS, Intercessors and Singers, Volunteers to train for altar work and ushering…(Please consider recommending volunteers from your Ministries.)

To serve in any measure, please give your name to: Maxine 305.573.5711/ or Sister Janet Nelson 305.528.4235.