Christian Businessmen’s Connection Luncheon

Attorney and Author Peter Feaman will speak at a Christian Businessmen’s Connection Luncheon from 12 t0 1 p.m. on April 16 at the Tower Club. Feaman is a distinguished trial attorney in Boynton Beach who owns his own firm and specializes in probate, wills, trusts and business litigation. As a practicing trial attorney, Mr. Feaman was recognized by Florida Trend magazine as one of Florida’s “Elite Lawyers” in the field of business and commercial litigation in 2011.

Feaman’s law background factors heavily into his motivation to write about the Islamist movement. The legal ramifications erupting from the prosecution of the War on Terror only intensified his determination to alert Americans about radical Islam, especially as he studied how counsel for accused terrorists warped the press, law and public opinion to soften up sentiment and manipulate future precedents. Observing and understanding how stealthily Sharia Law is creeping its way into the public consciousness and American jurisprudence further propels his drive behind his follow-up book.

Published in 2012, The Next Nightmare: How Political Correctness Will Destroy America with a foreword by former Congressman Allen West will engage and educate Americans on the history, influences, designs and advances of radical Islam. His first book, published in 2007, Wake Up, America! has received 5 stars from seven of eight reviewers on Mr. Feaman has appeared on Fox News and numerous radio talk shows throughout the United States to discuss the threat of radical Islam, current political issues and how political correctness will destroy America.

Advance registration is required at or email [email protected].