International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Christian Freedom International (CFI) has designed a free church Prayer Kit to equip churches for the “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church” on November 7.

This annual event — held on the first Sunday in November — unites churches to pray for Christians worldwide who face persecution.

The ‘International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church’ provides one day for churches to focus their whole service on seeking God on behalf of the persecuted.

Christian Freedom International’s church Prayer Kit offers materials for adults and children — and for meeting in-person or virtually. It includes:

• Two Posters
• Church Bulletin Insert and Bookmark
• Word Search Puzzle
• Maze for Children
• Devotionals
• Suggested Scriptures and Songs
• Notecards to write to persecuted Christians

Many Christians risk their lives daily for being a Christian. For example:

• In India, Christians are violently attacked by Hindu extremists.

• In Nigeria, militant Islamists enslave and massacre Christians.

• In Pakistan, false accusations of “blasphemy” trigger deadly mobs and death sentences against innocent Christians.

• In China, pastors are jailed, children banned from churches, and the Bible is being translated to conform to communism.

• In Egypt, Christian women are abducted and forcibly ‘married’ to Muslims to separate them from their families and faith.

• In Bangladesh, militant Islamists and Buddhists beat and threaten to kill Christian believers.

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