Masterpiece Women Luncheon – March 18, 2020

Are you looking for an authentic community of women who pursue excellence and have a passion to impact their communities? Then join Masterpiece Women for a special luncheon at The Grill at Calvary Chapel, 2401 W Cypress Creek Road, Building 1, Fort Lauderdale on March 18 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. featuring guest speaker Dede Lomenick.

Dede Lomenick is a speaker, singer and  comedian. She has been speaking and sharing her stories with people of all ages and stages for fifteen years. It is her greatest joy to share the gift of laughter with others (whether they like it or not)!

For Dede, comedy is a gift and it helps people let their guard down. When you’re sitting next to someone who is laughing you begin to realize we have a lot in common.

As she traveled and talked with women she kept hearing a recurring theme that women felt stuck or fearful. They loved Jesus – a lot – but weren’t living out HIS vision for their lives. Out of this need she launched UNLEASHED. Her vision is for every woman in our area to be loved, resourced and active in her community and, Dede believes that cannot happen without connection.

She wants women to kick shame, fear and anything that holds you back to the curb once and for all! She wants us to find freedom in learning who God created you to be. Life has an incredible way of stomping down our great big crazy dreams.

When we were little, there was nothing wrong with wanting to be an astronaut or a ballerina. But time passes and we find ourselves needing to “be more realistic”. We put our dreams aside. Dede thinks it’s time to be UNREALISTIC! The God we serve did plenty of unrealistic things all throughout the Bible. Maybe it’s about time to dust off those dreams we’ve been given.

Dede wants to help you unearth and target exactly what you were made to do by being free to discover and then deploy your set of gifts. Whether it’s starting a business, writing a book or being an excellent mother – her heart is to see every woman liberated in Christ to fully leverage their gifts. God has created us for relationships and Dede believes when we live and dream in community together it’s WAY more fun!

Cost is $25. To register, visit