Perfectly, Imperfect – a leading online resource for parents of all ages experiencing the joys and challenges of faithfully raising a family – is hosting Perfectly, Imperfect, an online event featuring wisdom, wit and insight from trusted voices on the front lines of parenting on October 23 and 24.

As Christian parents, it is important know how to raise children with a picture of God’s love for them every day. But most days, they’re stretched too thin to do more than the status quo. That leaves them feeling reactive instead of proactive, never growing into the parents they know they were created to be.

And, the highlight reel on social media doesn’t help. It only leaves them feeling more hopeless and inadequate, seeing a facade of perfection in others lives they might never measure up to.

Perfectly, Imperfect event features trusted voices in the Christian parenting space offering video messages of practical and spiritual encouragement to parents all over the world. Not perfect parents, just parents who are willing to share about their imperfect experiences and point to the perfect heavenly father. Guests include: Korie Robertson, Bella Robertson, Chrys Howard and Jo Shackelford, Jamie and Aaron Ivey (Happy Hour), Toni and Sam Collier (North Point Ministries), and many more.

Cost for registration is $49.

To register for this event, visit