“Rescuing Our Children”

Broward Right to Life will join Florida Citizens Alliance in sponsoring a special event, “Rescuing Our Children: The Inside Scoop on America’s K-12 Education System,” at New Dawn Community Church, 9955 NW 31st St, Coral Springs, on June 8 from 7 – 9 p.m.

This event will feature nationally known speakers, Alex Newman and Sam Sorbo, as well as several national education experts.

Alex Newman is well-known for his penetrating and comprehensive understanding of the development of public education in America. His explanation of how government schools got to where they are today gives keen insight into what’s needed now to rescue our children from the grip of a god-denying system that is intent on producing drones for the state.

Sam Sorbo is an actress, author, radio host of The Sam Sorbo Show, as well as a homeschool mom, and education activist. She doesn’t mince words in describing the problems she sees in the government system of schooling that led her and her husband Kevin Sorbo to homeschool their three children.

Seating is limited at the New Dawn Community Church so register now at flcaevents.com/roc2 to attend.  Tickets cost $10.