See Life 2020

Focus on the Family will digitally premiere See Life 2020 on September 26 at 8 p.m.

See Life 2020 is an online event that will expose the lies and pain of abortion and celebrate the miraculous wonder of life.

Prominent pro-life speakers and musicians will share powerful stories, commentary and music written and recorded specifically for the event. Benjamin Watson, Jeanne Mancini, Candace Owens, Mike Singletary, Lila Rose, Alveda King, Abby Johnson, Danny Gokey, Phil Stacey, Selah and more will be featured throughout the event.

A 4D ultrasound of a baby will highlight the event, offering the truth of pre-born life.

See Life 2020 will premiere following President Trump’s announcement of his selection of a Supreme Court nominee – a decision which will have life and death consequences for decades to come. The premiere will provide a history of the pro-life movement in the United States while addressing the racist history of Planned Parenthood and its successful attempt to wipeout an entire generation of black Americans.

Viewers can watch the premiere on Focus’ website or social media platforms and are encouraged to sign the pledge to #LoveEveryHeartBeat.

Watch it online at