My response is my responsibility

My response is my responsibility Last month my wife and I finished “Love and Respect,” a married couples study, for the second time. Not that we didn’t get it the first time but it was so good that we wanted a refresher course. I think everyone has a need for refresher courses. Our daily routine can get so busy we can forget the basics of how to live every area of our life according to how God wants us to. I know I have taken several studies a second time over the last 12 years, and I will probably do […]

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for better or worse

“Why are we washing dishes again dad?” my young son asked me. “We always wash, Dad. Should mom be doing this?” It was a natural question coming from a child who believed we had gone past our responsibility of service. Why are we still serving? Thankfully, he stopped just short of saying, “Mom should be doing this!” A child growing up in our culture today has no way of knowing what the marriage relationship is all about. We have come to believe that marriage is something you “get.” You get another salary, another person to do the chores and you […]

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