10 Growing Job Markets

Today’s job market can be brutal.  Whether you are a high school student strategizing which educational track to take or an adult seeking a career change, there are career paths out there with a promising future.  In fact, several jobs—particularly in the health care and technology industries—are expected to grow steadily through the year 2020.  Here are a few that may pique your interest.

Registered Nurse
26 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $64,690
Postsecondary education required: 3-4 years
If you can handle medical situations without losing your lunch and enjoy caring for others, you may make a great nurse. Nursing is a rewarding career that offers great pay and, contrary to popular belief, isn’t just for the ladies anymore. As a matter of fact, male nurses often have a leg up on their female counterparts when it comes to competing for an open position.

Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver
20 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $37,770
Postsecondary education required: 3 weeks – 2 years
If years behind a college desk or the thought of wearing a suit and tie to work every day sound like medieval torture, truck driving may be for you. Becoming a tractor-trailer driver can be a relatively fast track to a stable career, and an opportunity to explore the country while getting paid for it. If you love the open road and don’t mind spending time by yourself, you may want to look into signing up for the required classes which start year-round in most major cities across the nation.

Dental Hygienist
38 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $61,820
Postsecondary education required: 2-4 years
With fantastic growth expected through 2020 as well as an excellent salary, the dental hygiene field is an excellent career to explore. The dental industry pairs the steady growth of the medical field with the benefits and camaraderie that come with working for a small business. If you’re a twice-a-day flosser and brush after every meal, why not use your oral OCD to help others maintain a mouth as squeaky clean as your own?

Information Technology Consultant
20 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $46,500
Postsecondary education required: 6 months – 2 years
It is no secret that our world becomes more and more reliant upon technology every day. Why not put that video game addiction of yours to good use and turn your love for all things tech into a career as an I.T. professional? The required certification classes can be completed rather quickly, and Information Technology is a field that is sure to provide open job positions for many years to come.

Fitness Trainer
24 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $31,090
Postsecondary education required: 6 months – 2 years
If you prefer the treadmill to the couch and enjoy inflicting constructive pain on other people, consider the field of personal/fitness training. With the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forecasting that 42 percent of Americans will be obese by the year 2030, this industry is sure to grow (pun intended!) exponentially in coming years. Some fitness facilities will even let you start in a trainer position immediately while you work towards your completing your certification.

Construction Worker
21 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $29,280
Postsecondary education required: None
In the wake of the U.S. economic downturn, the construction industry is now on the rebound. If you prefer a saw over a stapler and enjoy working with your hands, a construction job can provide you with the satisfaction that only comes from a hard day of physical labor. Growing tired of going home smelling like french-fry grease every day? You can probably find work as a construction helper/apprentice almost immediately, for equal or better pay than your current job, and begin the journey towards learning a skilled trade.

Home Health Aide
70 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $20,560
Postsecondary education required: 1-2 months
If the healthcare industry appeals to you but you don’t have the financial resources or time for lots of schooling (or the need for a huge salary), becoming a Home Healthcare Aide may be just the opportunity you need. A 2010 U.S. Department of Labor study found that this particular job has the highest growth expectation of any career path through the year 2020. With lots of compassion required, this career provides opportunity to help and serve others in their time of greatest need. Some states even offer free HHA certification courses with guaranteed job placement immediately to follow.

Web Developer
13 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $60,900
Postsecondary education required: 3-6 years
If you’ve got some computer hacking skills (Napoleon Dynamite, anyone?) or the desire to learn them, a career as a Web Developer may be for you. Companies can barely be taken seriously today without a well-designed website, and as more and more programs become web/cloud based, the need for talented web development professionals is sure to grow well into the future.

Medical Secretary
41 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $30,530
Postsecondary education required: 3 – 6 months
If you consider yourself an administrative superhero and enjoy working in an office environment, a job as a medical secretary offers promising growth and competitive pay in comparison to other administrative jobs in the market. With available job openings ranging from hospitals to small family physician practices, this field provides versatile opportunities and great pay; all requiring minimum education and training prior to getting started.

42 percent growth expected
Median Wage: $43,400
Postsecondary education required: None – 4 years
As America continues to become a true “melting pot” and global interconnectedness grows day by day, the need for bi-lingual and multi-lingual employees is rapidly on the rise. Particularly here in South Florida, endless job possibilities exist for those fluent in the combination of English and Spanish.  Whether you have known a second language from birth or have gained your proficiency through college courses (or even by using the popular Rosetta Stone program), your linguistic prowess can provide lucrative options for you in the job market as an interpreter, translator or bi-lingual customer service professional.
Don’t waste another minute stuck in the rut of a job or educational track that doesn’t excite you.  If you do your homework, chances are you can find an exciting new career path that you will love, and that will have growth opportunities for years to come!

All figures and statistics compiled from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics:  http://www.bls.gov/home.htm

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