11 years of going and growing

WOW! Eleven years. It seems like just last year it was ten years.

It has been my blessing working with local churches, ministries, businesses, volunteers and people in South Florida and Southwest Florida over the last 11 years.

We love helping and hearing from the community, we actually thrive on it. It’s why we are here … to help our community.

What makes The Good News great is the addition of News, events and content contributed by local churches and ministries. Without the community, we would be just a blank sheet of paper each month.

Over the years, we have been privileged to assist more ministries and causes than I can count.

Thank you very much for your support and influence in the community.

Our goal in 2010 is to cover even more local events and feature even more local people serving God just like you.  

Our even bigger goal for 2010 is to start working with other Christian Newspapers  across the country, uniting as one, to turn up to local Christian voice making an even greater impact in the country.
Please pray for The Good News, and potentially your involvement, as we continue to share what God is doing in our community and world.

Faithful advertisers
I want to thank all of our advertisers that have partnered with and supported The Good?News over the years. These businesses and ministries are what keep us going. Without them we would not be here.

They are the people who make the process of writing, designing, printing and distributing The Good News to almost 200,000 people possible every month.

Visit www.goodnewsfl.org or email me at [email protected].

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