1300 Gather for 2nd Annual Goliath Guantlet

In its second year, the Goliath Gauntlet attracted over 1300 people to the campus of Sheridan House Family Ministries on October 3rd. It’s a can’t miss event for anybody who loves to run in OCR’s or is just looking to have a good time. New this year to the 3.5 mile course that featured 22 obstacles was Frostbite and Running on Water. Frostbite dared runners to take a plunge into freezing ice water, which they couldn’t just run through but had to submerge themselves as they ducked under a wooden board. Fourteen obstacles later was the other addition, Running on Water, which challenged runners to sprint across a lake over 40-50 aligned boards that would dip into the water with every step.

The best part about this event is that 100% of the proceeds go to support the children’s homes at Sheridan House in Davie. Sheridan House is committed to offering community services, which give children and families the opportunity to reach their full, God-given potential, opportunities that might otherwise not be available due to impeding circumstances in the home. For more information visit SheridanHouse.org and www.GoliathGauntlet.com

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