15 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

twitterWith the pace of modern life, it can feel like we don’t have time to pick up a newspaper or read a magazine anymore, but at 140 characters per post, anyone can fit a few tweets into their day. There are people dispensing knowledge, news and humor as freely as you can imagine on Twitter, and here we have a list of people that you just might want to follow.

Business and leadership
Bill Gates
Years from now when the world remembers Bill Gates, many will remember him for different reasons. Some will remember his contributions to technology; his work to bring the personal computer into our homes and to make it a part of our everyday lives. Others, however, will remember him as the man who worked to give away billions of dollars, and to save millions of lives by fighting to provide medical aid and bring clean water where there was none. His twitter page is inspiring and encouraging, see for yourself at @BillGates.

Richard Branson
Richard Branson is best known as the founder of Virgin Group Ltd. which encompasses hundreds of companies in various industries. He is rich, powerful, successful and more than just a little eccentric. His tweets range from inspiring quotes and business-savvy advice to links to blog-style topical posts on his website. He is a fascinating person, and there is plenty of knowledge to glean from him. Follow him at @RichardBranson.

John Maxwell
If you have ever read any books on the topic of leadership, whether it was business related or spiritually based, you probably already know John Maxwell. A great collection of quotes and wisdom awaits you at @JohnCMaxwell.

Spiritual leaders
C.S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis is one of the most respected Christian authors of the last century, and this twitter account is dedicated to his writing; posting quotes and excerpts from his books. Sometimes it feels like a very short daily devotional, and at other times it falls into the more intellectual realm, but it is always worth reading. Follow at @CSLewis.

John Piper
What makes John Piper’s Twitter such an excellent resource is that the short statements he posts often contain links to his blog, so if something sparks an interest you can dig deeper and read more on the topic. Bring your thinking caps and follow John at @JohnPiper.

Andy Stanley
One of the most influential pastors and church visionaries of our day, Andy Stanley, has written several books on ministry, leadership and church culture. Take a look at what he has to share at @AndyStanley.

Tim Keller
Tim Keller is a brilliant teacher and writer, he is another pastor who walks the line of being an intellectual, but not forgetting the love, grace and mercy of Jesus as writes and preaches. He tweets at @TimKellerNYC

News, culture and entertainment
If you are a music fan, you need to follow Spotify on Twitter. They post articles on bands and artists, as well as music playlists that you can listen to through their service. Check them out at @Spotify.

Engadget / ARS Technica
If you are interested in technology as well the ever-growing tech culture, take a look at @Engadget and @ArsTechnica, they cover everything from reviews on new devices and software, to legislation regarding the politics of the tech industry. If you want to read more, you can also visit their websites.

Culture Makers
Culture Makers is dedicated to finding the intersection of God and culture. Posting clever quotes, quips, questions and links to articles that cover topics ranging from movies, music, media, and theology, follow them at @CultureMakers.

Celebrities and comedians
Church Curmudgeon
Church Curmudgeon is a Twitter account written from the perspective of a fictional elderly parishioner who prefers things the way they used to be, and isn’t afraid to talk about it. It is written in short quotes, and while some posts are funnier than others, it’s almost always worth a laugh. Follow him at @ChurchCurmudgeon.

Jon Acuff
Best known for his blog “Stuff Christians Like,” Jon Acuff finds himself on our comedy list because his Twitter and Instagram posts are consistently hilarious, and often delightfully insightful. If you ever need a laugh follow him at @JonAcuff.

Modern Seinfeld
The account Modern Seinfeld is a collection of short conversations that tries to imagine what we would see if Seinfeld was still on the air today, and they do a great job. If you were ever a fan of the show you need to follow at @SeinfeldToday.

Adam Savage
Adam Savage from the show Myth Busters posts everything from photos and videos of experiments to witty and snide remarks on random events. If you like watching things catch on fire, then it will be a very entertaining distraction at @donttrythis.

Rick Deal is a freelance writer and worship leader; he blogs at Culturemakerblog.com and tweets at @Letsmakeadeal26.

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