168 Film Project Collaboration with Angel Studios Ignites Call for Entries Studio Adds Funding and Greenlight Potential for Shorts

Organizers of the 20th Annual 168 Film Project are celebrating a new home and a new collaboration with Angel Studios for this year’s faith-based film production competition, with a Sept. 4 deadline for entry. Artists can learn more at www.168film.com.

Named for the number of hours in a one-week production, the 168 Film Project last year relocated from Los Angeles to Fayetteville, Ga., teeing up the 2023 festival to take place near Trilith Studios for the second time. This year the 168 Film Project is collaborating with film distributor Angel Studios.

Members of the 100,000 voter “Angel Guild” will review up to 10 of the 168 Film Project short film entries for potential development, funding, and distribution as greenlighted feature films or TV series.

Angel Studios, a leading producer of faith-based content including $150M earner, “Sound of Freedom” and “The Chosen,” a portrayal of Jesus and his disciples, are making waves on the WB Network.

“Our festival’s proximity to Trilith, the country’s second largest studio, and the Angel Studios collaboration dramatically elevate the stakes for entrants to both our speed film competition, and all other entry types,” said 168 Film Project Founder and Director, John David Ware.

Upon invitation, top films may become a “Torch” in the Angel Guild system. Torches receive an aggregate score from the Angel Guild, a community of hitmakers from around the world, that choose the titles that Angel Studios will distribute next. Learn more at 168film.com/news-events/angel-faq.

“Angel Studios sends its best wishes to all submissions of the 168 Film Project, and we are excited for the Angel Guild to screen the top creators,” said Angel Studios SVP of Global Distribution, Jared Geesey.

Filmmakers enter to compete by Sept. 4 at 168film.com/project. The speed film pre-production (writing, casting, etc.) is Sept. 5-15, followed by production week, Sept. 15-22.

168 Film Project submissions are judged based on quality of story, filmmaking, and “Scriptural Integration,” i.e., how well the film is built on a foundational bible verse. All entry types are eligible, including Speed Film/Student Speed, Alumni, Write of Passage, Documentary, KidVid, Animation, and Proof of Concept. See all 168 Film Project entry categories at 168film.com/film-project/entry-types.

“Newbies should consider the speed film contest, and established artists could either submit a speed film entry or look more closely at the new ‘Proof of Concept’” category, said Ware.

Submission to the Angel Studios Guild does not guarantee funding or distribution.

About 168 Film Project 

The 168 Film Project is a scripture-focused community and proving ground for filmmakers, writers, and actors of all levels of experience. 168 Film Project was launched in 2003 in Los Angeles and the competition has produced more than 1,200 short films at locations all around the world including the feature, “Final Frequency” starring Lou Ferrigno Jr. and Charles Shaughnessy. The “168” refers to the number of hours in a week, and the one-week speed film deadline. Learn more at 168Film.com.

About Angel Studios

Angel Studios is the home of stories that amplify light. Through its platform, tens of thousands of “Angel” investors choose which titles the studio will create, fund, and distribute. Angel Studios allows creators and audiences to form passionate communities around their creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project itself. The studios’ first projects—“The Chosen” and “Dry Bar Comedy”—have earned billions of views around the world. Learn more at Angel.com.

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