Creative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day- FeatureWhether you believe in celebrating ‘Hallmark’ traditions or not, showing your appreciation for your loved one is key to keeping the relationship and romance alive. Stumped on how to do that? You could, of course, go the easy and traditional way of dinner and a movie, equipped with candy and roses in hand, but why not express your affection with more creativity?


A few things to keep in mind

First, if you have kids, leave them behind. This is the time for just you and your honey. Invest in this special relationship. This is a time for romance and fun!

Second, make it unique to your loved one. What are some common interests you share? From there you can build your event. For instance, if you’re both water lovers, you could rent a boat and go for a sunset sail. Too pricey? Rent or take your own canoe and pack up a baguette, cheese and grapes to take along on your romantic adventure.

Third, look your best for each other. Chances are you put in tremendous effort to attract your mate at the beginning of the relationship, so let them see that person again! It’s a great reminder of why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Fourth, try to incorporate all of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages into one evening! Spending quality time together, gift-giving, acts of service, physical touch and words of affirmation. This is a day to pull out all the stops, so don’t hold back! For instance, run an errand for your partner before the event (service), have a special date together (quality time), buy something nice for the occasion (gifts), hold hands, kiss and cuddle throughout the date (touch) and express the qualities you admire about the other person during your time together (affirmation).

With these things in mind you’re ready to plan your special day.


Some creative ideas

  • Take the dinner out to a romantic location. This could be a rooftop, beach, gazebo, lake, patio, even your own backyard. The more you dress it up (linens, candles, music), the more special it will become.
  • Rent a limo. Make your mate feel like a celebrity. Dress up to the hilt while you enjoy a scenic ride. Or stop off at ritzy venues along the way and show off your star! And of course, cuddle in the back seat.
  • Fly or drive down to Key West to watch God’s marvelous sunset!
  • Place a mattress or futon in the living room and watch a marathon of your favorite films together while you snuggle and nosh on gourmet popcorn and other treats.
  • Do something creative either for or with the other person: write a song, a poem, or paint a picture that depicts your love for each other.
  • Go dancing! You can take a class together before a social dance or go listen to live music and get your groove on.
  • Leave your own handmade sweet hearts around the house with quirky love messages. Or place them under each piece of chocolate in the box.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for your loved one to discover romantic items.
  • Create a ‘first date’ and meet at a specific venue and flirt with your ‘stranger.’ Be as cheesy as you want with your pick up lines but give sincere compliments as well. Most likely you’ll win them over by the end of the evening.
  • Dance to Sinatra and candlelight in your living room. Don’t forget to whisper ‘shooby-dooby-doo’ in their ear as well as sweet nothings.
  • Create your own romantic card game that gives directives for romance, such as ‘give one kiss on the back of the neck’ or ‘tell what attracted you to your mate the first time you met’.


For those who are married

  • Instead of breakfast in bed, make it dinner in bed complete with something sparkling chilled on the side. Experience this together as you nibble off the same plate and perhaps feed each other.
  • Spend the night in a hotel — even if it’s a few miles away.
  • Stay at a bed and breakfast in a romantic location.
  • Share a candlelit bubble bath along with some bubbly and soft music.
  • Give each other a massage with oils and lotions.


For those who are not in a relationship

  • Spend the time with the Bridegroom Jesus! Read His Word and make a list of all the blessings He’s given you – including the patience on waiting for His best mate for you.
  • Get together with your friends. Be silly. Do things you may have done in high school: do makeovers, bake cookies, watch cheesy chick flicks and giggle. Now for the ladies…(just kidding!)
  • Go shopping! Buy yourself something that makes you feel special.
  • Exercise! If you’re feeling a bit lonely on this day, the endorphins from exercise will perk you right up. Listening to great tunes along the way will definitely help.
  • Find a Meetup group and participate in an event you enjoy.
  • Treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment.
  • Cook a gourmet meal with a decadent dessert for yourself or with friends.


I hope these ideas get your creativity flowing for a wonderful Valentine’s Day ahead. And, above all, remember to thank Our Lord for all of our loved ones and for whatever stage we are presently in our lives.


Chris Alexander is a freelance writer, traveler, and multi-media artist.  Check out or write directly to her at [email protected]

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