40 Days for Life Enlists Prayer to Save Lives


40 days for life40 Days for Life is the nation’s most innovative, peaceful prayer outreach. This opportunity brings Christians from all denominations together to devote 40 days to prayer and fasting for an end to abortion. And the next campaign is September 23 – November 1.

Since the inception of 40 Days for Life in 2007, 10,331 unborn babies’ lives have been saved and their mothers and fathers have been spared from the soul-wrenching anguish and devastation of abortion. Some 60 abortion clinics have shut their doors, and 118 abortion workers have quit their jobs.


Simple concept

The concept of 40 Days for Life is simple. It’s 40 days of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil and community outreach – all to end abortion in our community. Participants commit to pray every day during the 40 days that runs from September 23 – November 1. By praying on the public right of way outside a designated abortion facility, many have the opportunity to lovingly share the truth of God’s Word about the unborn child and the impact abortion has on women and men in our society. And as participants pray, holding signs outside the abortion facility in peaceful vigil, community awareness grows about the reality of abortion in our community.

The focus is on prayer – to ask God to do what we cannot to end abortion in our community and nation.

And participants have the opportunity to be a light in the darkness as they stand and pray. They offer a loving alternative to abortion before women enter the clinic and are there afterwards to offer hope of forgiveness.

Every day women walk into an abortion clinic in Broward. The women are scared and confused! They do not understand what is about to happen to them. Many women have acknowledged that they weren’t given any other options. Many are not told about the development of the unborn, the risks and complications to their physical health and the emotional pain that could occur. Many may have felt like abortion was their only choice. And, sadly, many have suffered deeply as a result!


Nightmares two decades later

Recently pro-life volunteers Anthony and Anita Staiano were standing in prayer outside the Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center when a woman pulled up. She came over to talk but soon began to weep. She still had nightmares about her unborn baby aborted nearly 20 years ago. Right after the procedure took place, she happened to see her aborted child’s foot and the memory lingered for decades. As she talked with Anthony and Anita, she revealed that her despair and regret was so great that she had considered suicide the night before.

Anthony and Anita shared the love of Christ and the promise of God’s forgiveness to those who repent. This woman, so distressed and seeking peace, asked Christ into her life as her Lord and Savior and went to church with them that very night. And why did she stop? It was the sign Anthony held: “Jesus Forgives and Heals.”

If someone was going to hurt himself, we’d reach out to him. Babies are dying and women are being physically and emotionally hurt because of abortion. Our goal is to protect the children and let women know we care and can help them whatever their situation. There is hope.


You can make a difference

Your participation in 40 Days for Life will make a difference. Two 40 Days for Life campaigns take place this fall in Broward outside designated abortion facilities in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. You are invited to participate by your prayers and your presence. To learn more and participate, visit 40daysforlife.com or email [email protected].


Tewannah Aman is president of Broward Country Right to Life. She can be reached at [email protected].

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