4KIDS and Calvary Chapel Named Among Best Christian Workplaces in the Country

Christian Workplaces Institute honored eighty-nine organizations, churches, and Christian-led businesses as “Certified Best Christian Workplaces” from January-June 2019. Of the 89 new honorees based primarily in the U.S. and Canada, three are from South Florida: 4KIDS of South Florida, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and Calvary Christian Academy. Two additional employers in Florida included Celebration Baptist Kinderschool, in Tallahassee, and St. Matthew’s House, in Naples.

Since 2002, more than 300,000 employees from 1,000 organizations, churches and Christian-led businesses have completed BCWI’s Employee Engagement Survey. This online instrument provides an objective, quantifiable measure of a flourishing workplace culture based on eight factors: fantastic teams, life-giving work, outstanding talent, uplifting growth, rewarding compensation, inspirational leadership, sustainable strategy and healthy communication.

“Our work is important to Jesus,” said Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Pastor Doug Sauder. “He is the one who gave us our mission to make disciples and to care for the “least of these,” and He is worthy of our best effort. But who we are is even more important than what we do. The culture of our ministries should create an aroma of wisdom, passion and grace that will attract the watching world to Jesus.”

BCWI President, Al Lopus, said “Each new Certified Best Christian Workplace has created a healthy-to-flourishing workplace culture where people love coming to work, get more done and fulfill their organization’s distinctive mission to further God’s work on earth. It’s all about improving the employee experience, what Inc. magazine calls, ‘the sum of all interactions an employee has with their employer. . . and how the employee perceives the company (organization) overall and their role in it.'”

For a complete list of certified employers, visit bcwinstitute.org.


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