LifeNet4Families Serves Up a 5-Star Meal for Homeless

meal for homelessLifeNet4Families transformed their dining room into a 5-star restaurant on December 18. For that one special night, clients dined in style at what was called “Miracle on 33rd Terrace” thanks to a delicious gourmet meal prepared by guest Chef Sheldon Sanders, of Sanders Affairs Catering. Approximately 30 of their homeless clients were randomly selected and participated in a sit-down dinner complete with a menu, waiters, saxophonist, round tables, fabric table cloths, dinnerware, cutlery, and glassware. This memorable fine dining experience allowed clients to enjoy prime steak, breast of turkey, garlic smashed potatoes, string bean almondine and a citrus salad.

“Because homelessness is a traumatic experience that forces people to adapt a survivor’s mentality, we tried to restore a sense of normalcy for one night and to promote hope and possibility,” said Monica Cupid, director of development and community relations. LifeNet4Families seeks to reduce the pain and suffering of individuals and families in poverty by providing necessary food, ancillary services and referrals. Visit

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2 Responses to “LifeNet4Families Serves Up a 5-Star Meal for Homeless”

  1. Ms. Bell

    What a “Great” event! It was so nice to see our people so excited about the evening that had been planned for them. The ladies sparkled, hair done and in make up, dressed in evening attire provided by our generous diners. The gentlemen in dress shirts and dress pants instead of old worn jeans and t-shirts stood up straight and smiled like I had never seen before. The Miracle on 33 Terrace was a great success. Thank you too all who had a hand in making this happen. Have an extraordinary 2015!

  2. Dennise W.

    It was such a pleasure working on this event. The clients were resplendent and to this day still stand a little more upright as they recall ‘the dinner’. Probably the best part was a client who brought in a box of cookies to share, because she did not want to come empty handed. If those who have so little are willing to give, then how much more should we give who have been given so much?

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