A New Year of Inspiring Faith-Based Films

Stanley Goldenberg, Movie Connection

This year is once again seeing a robust line-up of very diverse faith-based films that will touch and change many lives. These films not only bless believers, but also provide an excellent opportunity for outreach. We can all get involved by praying for and spreading the word about these upcoming films. Keep in mind that secular media often ignores these films, so it is up to believers to spread the word as much as they can.


Preview of Upcoming Releases

The dates for many films are yet to be determined (TBD) and some movies have an option to host showings at your church or organization. See movie websites for more info. Tickets for some movies are available now. For Fathom Event releases (indicated by **) you can check fathomevents.com/categories/inspirational/ for updates. Films listed here will show for at least one week except as indicated. For detailed reviews of many of these and other films when they are released in theaters, check pluggedin.com (from Focus on the Family).  **Note that films showing limited nights (e.g., “Fathom Events”) often start promptly at the posted show time – usually 7pm – so plan to arrive 15-30 min. early. Also, many of those films sometimes feature extra content (e.g., interviews) after the film/credits.


 “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist” (**1/26-? — possibly still at some theaters) Millions vanish and the world falls into chaos. But the truth of the gospel still shines! Kevin Sorbo, leftbehindmovie.com


“The Chosen: Season 3 Finale” (Episodes 7-8) (**2/2-6 or longer. See listings for your theaters) Premier of finale episodes of Season 3 of this inspiring series about the life of Jesus. angel.com/the-chosen-3


“Lourdes” (**2 nights only 2/8-9) Story behind site visited by 6 million pilgrims a year.  fathomevents.com


“The Confession Musical” (**1 night only 2/20) Dramatic story (with some humor) of an Amish family in turmoil. With John Schneider, Chonda Pierce & Colin Alexander. fathomevents.com/categories/inspirational


A scene from Jesus Revolution. The movie, set in the 1970s, is based on the true story of young Greg Laurie (Joel Courtney), who meets Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie), a charismatic hippie-street-preacher. Together with Calvary Chapel Pastor Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammer), they open the doors of Smith’s languishing church to an unexpected revival of radical and newfound love, leading to what TIME Magazine dubbed a Jesus Revolution.

“Jesus Revolution” (starts 2/24/23) Inspiring true story of the miraculous late 60’s Jesus movement revival that swept many thousands of young people (including the author of this article) into the Kingdom of God. With Kelsey Grammer  (Frasier) as Chuck Smith, Jonathan Roumie (Jesus in The Chosen) as Lonnie Frisbee and Joel Courtney (Super 8, The Kissing Booth) as Greg Laurie. From the Erwin Brothers (I Can Only Imagine, Woodlawn). jesusrevolution.movie


“The Thorn” (**2 nights only 3/6-7) Story of God’s love for the world and the spiritual battle for all humanity told combining dance, martial arts, aerial acrobatics, and emotionally powerful performances. fathomevents.com/categories/inspirational


 “The Wind and the Reckoning” (Spring 2023) (showing in Hawaii now, mainland Spring 2023)  windandreckoning.com


“On a Wing And A Prayer” (starts 4/5) Based on the true story about a passenger (Dennis Quaid) who has to land a plane safely after the pilot flying the plane dies unexpectedly.


“Heart of a Lion” (starts 4/28) Boxing career and spiritual journey of famed boxer George Foreman.


“The Blind” (starts 9/22) Story of Phil Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty) life as he seeks to conquer the shame of his past, addiction and family issues — finding redemption in an unlikely place proving that that there is always hope anyone can change. theblindmovie.com


“Reagan” (Fall 2023) Ronald Reagan’s (Dennis Quaid) inspiring story told through the voice of a KGB agent. reaganmovie.com


“Possum Trott” (Fall 2023) 22 families from a rural black church in a small East Texas town adopt 77 of the most difficult to place kids in the foster system.


“Miracle In East Texas” (TBD) (Kevin Sorbo) miracleineasttexas.com


“Ordinary Angel” (TBD)


“Unsung Hero’s” (TBD) unsungheromovie.com


“The Unbreakable Boy” (TBD) Based on true story about autistic boy with brittle-bone disease, whose joyous, life-affirming worldview transforms everyone around him. With Zach Levi (American Underdog, Shazam). By the Erwin Brothers.  theunbreakableboy.movie


“Surprised by Oxford” (TBD) Agonistic graduate student discovers romance and faith while enrolled at Oxford University. Based on the real-life story of Carolyn Weber. With Rose Reid (Finding You), Mark Williams (Father Brown) and Phyllis Logan (Downton Abbey). surprisedbyoxford.movie


Flamin’ Hot” (TBD) Inspiring story of the Mexican American janitor behind the iconic Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Produced by DeVon Franklin (Breakthrough).


“Reckless Love” (TBD) Story behind hit song “Reckless Love.” Produced by DeVon Franklin (Breakthrough).


Ways you can help these films touch more lives

  • Stay informed about upcoming faith-based films through sites like com/LightinDarkPlace and/or by joining the movie email list (at bit.ly/faithfilms).
  • Pray! Any successful ministry needs effective prayer (and fasting).
  • Help to spread the word via social media, fliers, posters, church bulletins, etc.
  • Help your church or organization to organize groups (large or small) to see the films on opening weekend.
  • Purchase tickets as much in advance as possible.

See you at the movies! 


Stanley Goldenberg has been involved in grassroots promotion of Christian films for over 16 years. He has hosted a regular “Movie Connection” program on LIFE-FM (90.9 FM) in Miami. He is also a federal hurricane research meteorologist who has published scientific articles and appeared in numerous TV hurricane specials.

For more on faith-based movies, visit https://www.goodnewsfl.org/topic/culture/movies/


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