Abiding Joy

Dr. Gary Hewins, Lifepoints President

In Christ, you have access to a priceless, almost-hidden treasure. You can pursue, possess and be possessed by a God-ordained joy. Some pursue a fleeting and certainly temporary happiness, but not you. You can be apprehended by a lasting, sustaining joy, emanating from the One who purchased it for you. In a friendship with Christ, He excitedly gives you access to His joy, laughter and contentment. You were created to enjoy Him no matter what. You can chuckle, belly laugh, or sit as still as you can in silence and enjoy His joy.


Regardless of circumstance 

The feelings of many come directly in line with their circumstances. Happenstance is their god. Situations radically dictate their emotional ups and downs. Some fabricate and medicate to have this fleeting “joy,” but to no avail.  You need not medicate to such an end. In Christ, your feelings are a response to the Giver of Life. You can have a sense of abiding joy that strengthens you despite all that is happening around you. God’s joy is so potent that it can permeate even grief and sorrow during seasons of great difficulty. You experience joy even in sickness or when wronged, betrayed, or persecuted and insulted for your faith. Joy remains and sustains you in times of plenty and even in times of lack. There can be joy in conflict. Joy is yours in rest, in work, in love, on mountain tops and in proverbial valleys. You have joy in forgiveness, in sacrifice, in life and even in death. You can’t outrun joy; you are enveloped by it.  



In Christ, your joy is low-lying fruit, waiting for you to pick from God’s vine. In Christ, joy is something you have and something that has you. You have the where-with-all to walk in and with the Spirit of God. God is a Gardener; His fruit is joy for you. Joy cannot be avoided by those who worship and walk in concert with the Lord and His grace. Whether you like it or not, joy is accessible no matter what. You are called to rejoice in the Lord: not sometimes, not when you feel like it and certainly not when circumstances dictate, but when they don’t. 

In God’s economy, He wishes for you to experience His joy in this very moment, on this very day, for the rest of this week, and for that matter, eternity. God is into joy, joyousness, and the strengthening that makes you even more resolute through His joy.     



You will even desire joy more for others than for yourself, and in so doing, you yourself will again be joyous. You are a joy broker, you emanate joy, and you are a promoter and dispenser of joy to others. You wear a countenance of joy that is visible and tangible to others. Any label placed upon you, by you or by another that directly contradicts who you are in Christ and opposes His joy for you is inferior and false. This joy is yours and not just by simply reading an article. Know that you are the article of His affection. This joy is not yours simply by talking about it, but it’s your reality through talking with Him. Abide in Him today and abide in His joy. Fix your eyes on Him today and see joy well up within you as well. Look to happenstance and circumstance today and see your joy wane. The world deeply desires happiness. You deeply desire Christ. The world ends up wanting. You rejoice always. There are many gods in this world, many idols and many religions. What god is a source of intense joy and contentment? Only yours. Glorify Him today. You have an irrevocable calling to ‘en-joy’ Him today.      


Dr. Gary Hewins is the President of lifepoints.org, a coaching and consulting ministry to ministry leaders and preachers and the Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church in the picturesque mountains of Highlands, N.C.


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