Aligning Your Dreams

A new year brings a new start, and often new resolutions and goals. However, many grow frustrated and weary early in the process of trying to achieve their goals. On every road to accomplishment are obstacles and opposition in many forms. These create fears, anxiety and discouragement that shout to the traveler, “Give up, you will never overcome me.” Sadly this is what most do, and another dream dies. Some forge ahead through sheer determination to achieve their goal, only to ask, “Is that it? I thought I would feel something greater!”

Both of these problems can be eliminated through one simple process – alignment. In Psalm 37:1-11 God offers a guaranteed way to accomplish the goals you desire without stressing or burning yourself out. You can actually enjoy the journey and develop a balanced life in the process. Furthermore, you can be assured that the goal you are pursuing is worthy of the investment of your life. It will be significant, make a difference in this world and have eternal consequences. Does this sound appealing? Here is how it works.

Quit comparing
To start, quit comparing yourself to anyone else (see v. 1-3). God has made every person unique. Every person is as individual as a snowflake or fingerprint. God has known, designed and purposed for his child a specific role in his kingdom since before they were born (Ephesians 2:10). Trust God in this truth, focus on it and do good things. This is especially true when it comes to evildoers. Do not worry about or envy those who seem to get ahead in spite of their wicked life. This is a total waste of energy and is unproductive. Keep your focus on God and his plan for you. Remember, you will become what you focus on.

Stay sensitive
Stay sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit in your life. The word “delight” in verse 4 means to be soft and pliable. God is the Potter and he needs clay that is moldable to design a vessel for his purpose. When your heart is humble and open to God, his Spirit will place his desire in your heart. This means that what you desire and what God desires are the same thing. You will actually want to do what God wants you to do (see Philippians 2:13). This is what is meant by alignment. Now your desires for your life and God’s are in alignment. This is the sweet spot of life. God has already taken into account everything that has shaped who you are from you personality, family of origin, abilities, gifts, trials and failures. God has designed you for a specific role in his kingdom. In living out this desire you will feel his pleasure. You will feel this is what I was born to do.

Commit and rest
Now you commit your way – the plan, goals and strategy that will lead to the fulfillment of these desires – to God. You do so with the confidence that God will eventually make it happen. How can you be so sure of this fact? Because the reality is that your purpose is now God’s purpose. God always accomplishes his purposes and nothing can stop them. This is the omnipotence of God. Neither Satan, sin, man’s rebellion or any other circumstance is powerful enough to stand in God’s way. The only thing you will not know for sure is God’s timetable and his way of actually doing it. The one thing you can know is that God will work to accomplish his purpose in such a way as to leave no doubt it was his doing. The resting part does not mean you cease from working. God expects you to do what he has given you ability to do. It means you don’t stress or become anxious over the opposition or obstacles. These are God’s responsibilities because this is God’s plan.

Cease from anger
One of the causes of anger is a blocked goal. When someone or something is blocking the fulfillment of your desire or dream, it is unnecessary to get angry. Remind yourself it is not simply your goal that is being blocked but it is also God’s. When you have reached the end of your own resources to remove or overcome the obstacle, remind God this is his problem. Have a conversation that goes something like this, “God we have a problem here. This whole dream was yours from the start. I just made myself available to work with you. Now this problem is bigger than my resources and ability to handle. If you don’t step in your plan will not come to pass and you will not be glorified. I am stepping out of the way so you can handle things.”

Anger so often only leads to evil doing. God says evildoers will be cut off (v.9). Who are the evildoers? They are those who do not follow God’s desires for their life.

Align your desires, dreams and goals with God’s. The result is a life of fulfilled dreams and eternal significance.

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