America’s Gospel Dance Championship Celebrates the Arts

CJpointThe fine arts have for years provided artists with critical thinking skills and creative strategies, which are lifelong skills that can be applied in problem solving and other situations.  Enjoyed by many people, the arts are sometimes used to send strong messages and to express very deep thoughts often incomprehensible to its viewers. It’s used in many arenas as a tool to make masses of people more aware and often influences how one perceives things.

Through visualization, art can clearly state the truth, replay history or be solely about creating or capturing beauty.  Art helps people visualize a story that lasts a very long time in a person’s memory and helps give a clearer understanding or picture.  It captures and conveys very intense emotions, through facial expressions and body language. Art is an interpreter.

“Probably the oldest purpose of art is as a vehicle for religious rituals. From the prehistoric cave paintings of France, to the Sistine Chapel, Art has served religion,” said Charlotte Jirousek of Cornell University.

It’s no wonder Pastor Mark Grant and his wife Kerone have a passion for the fine arts. Their understanding of its importance drove them to launch a ministry in South Florida which will bring together different genres of dance under one roof to showcase the creativity in the body of Christ while at the same time impacting culture.

Their event, America’s Gospel Dance Championship will be held at 4:30 p.m. on March 12th at Coral Springs High School, 7201 W. Sample Rd, Coral Springs. In this first event of its kind, Grant is merging his passion for families and youth and a passion for the arts. It will be an event geared to the entire family.

Most of the performers are expected to be local dance groups with Canton Jones appearing as the featured performer and live emcee/host of the entire program.  Famous for hip hop, R & B and urban gospel sounds, the Florida native is expected to bring a highly anticipated energetic performance. Otherwise known as Cajo, Jones was born in Deerfield Beach, started singing by the age of five in a group founded by his dad and began writing and producing songs at the tender age of 16.

The winner of America’s Gospel Dance Championship will receive many prizes including being crowned as the national winners. A few of the groups who will be competing for the coveted title include Miracle of Christ, Trinity Lutheran Praise Dance Ministry, Praise United in Dance, We Fight To Tel Stories, The Marie Praise Dancers, Feet of Flames, K.I.D.D., Visionaries Dance Ministry Inc, CRTM, Solid Rock Praise Dance Ministry, GloriousPraise Pantomime Ministry and Minister Eddie Green.

Grant’s enthusiasm and zest for this event was electrifying and so will be this performance. At a time where families need more opportunity to engage without screens and electronics, this is an opportunity to bond through fun, laughter and entertainment.

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