Are You in Need of a Good Massage?

There’s no denying it; everyone loves it when the opportunity comes along to pamper themselves. Some people, for example, seek out a masseuse to help them feel rejuvenated, but let us not forget that in addition to a massage being a luxurious treat, it is also a great tool for pain management and to combat stress. In fact, many experts contribute stress as a major factor in a wide-variety of diseases. With this in mind, massage therapy could be a powerful tool to add to your healthcare regimen.

For those looking for an invigorating treat or wondering how massage can help their specific ailment, let’s turn to Mark Delos Santos, owner of Touch Angel. Santos, originally from the Philippines, moved to Florida in 1999 and entered into the Massage Therapy program at the American Institute of Massage. In 2004, he established Touch Angel with the goal of “healing people, making a difference in their lives and helping to relieve the stress that is in their body.” Nestled in a serene area of Weston, Touch Angel had originally catered to tourists who were looking for a little indulgence while on vacation, but has since opened its doors to the public. “I wanted to reach out to the local community, see what we could do for them and begin working with clients who have specific ailments or injuries and show them the difference that massage therapy could make in their life,” shares Santos. “My goal with Touch Angel was to partner up with top therapists who have the same passion about massage as I do. I believe that the more people that we massage, the more blessings that have been given to us. We have been able to help many people in the area and in turn we are becoming more and more successful every year.”

Santos describes massage therapy as “giving your body an oil change.” Considering that many of us abuse our bodies day after day – with stressful schedules, minimal sleep, poor diets, etc. – Santos feels that an hour massage is a way to “stop you in your tracks, spend some time taking care of your body and patting yourself on the back for working so hard.”

Rose, one of Santos’ top therapists at Touch Angel explained the variety of clientele that she has worked on over the years and how she has been able to help them. “Though we do see clients who just want to relax and enjoy an hour massage, we also are able to work with clients who have various injuries or an ailment of some sort. Whether it is Scoliosis, a rotator cuff injury, sport injuries or conditions such as MS, Lupus or Fibromyalgia, we are able to form relationships with these people and make an impact on the way they are feeling,” she shared. “Massage has some amazing healing qualities. This is not just a business for me; I consider every massage an offer to Jesus. I know that He is the great physician and I want Him to use me and my ability to help my clients who are in pain or hurting.”

Both Relaxing and Beneficial
Because massage therapy affects so many systems within the body (circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, etc.) it has the ability to provide a wide range of benefits to those who partake, including an increase in blood flow, increase in joint mobility, decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, more energy and reduced fatigue. Furthermore, many clients describe feeling an increase in clarity and the ability to focus after completing a massage session.

Touch Angel offers a wide range of massages to its clients, including Swedish (known for its relaxing and indulging qualities), Deep Tissue (more intense and a great stress reducer), Sports Massage (involves fast paced strokes, pulling and stretching), Pre-Natal (the perfect massage designed for the needs of pregnant women) and Swedish Thai (includes a combination of passive yoga poses and breathing). Massages can even be upgraded to include hot stones, which help increase the release of tight muscles, or aromatherapy, where botanical oils such as rose, lavender, lemon and peppermint are inhaled and massaged directly into the skin.

Massage and More…
For clients interested in booking other services in addition to a massage, Touch Angel has it all, from manicures and pedicures to facials and waxing. There is also a Sea Salt Scrub for clients who want to indulge in the gentle exfoliation of dead skin using sea salts, combined with aromatherapy oils, all which help stimulate and improve circulation while leaving the skin silky smooth. Touch Angel even has a service for clients who are looking to start off 2012 by getting back into shape. Body by Vi is a 90-day program that Santos described as “your own personal challenge to give your body a chance to transform, get high-quality nutrients, get fit and lose weight.” No matter what the goal is of each client, Santos is confident that the system is easy, affordable and that he can help anyone reach their objective, regardless of how high they set the bar.

Touch Angel is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Broward County and anyone who visits the location will immediately be drawn into its peaceful environment. As a recent recipient of Touch Angel’s 60 minute Energy Booster massage (essentially a Swedish massage with hot stones), I can assure you that I felt less anxious, my back was no longer in pain and it seemed as though the massage had reset my entire week and prepared me for what was ahead.

Anyone interested in learning more about how massage therapy can help them shouldn’t hesitate to call Santos and allow him to explain the difference services that Touch Angel offers. The Spa is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To learn more, visit or call 954-678-3349.

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