Audio Bibles for American troops

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world’s foremost Audio Bible Life, is honoring America’s military through the Military BibleStick project.

“We felt burdened to bring the Word of God in audio to our troops,” said Morgan Jackson, the Life ‘s international director. “So, we developed a special, portable Audio Bible for the military, loaded it with the entire New Testament and sent them to chaplains who contacted us and requested them.”

Chaplains who requested them have now distributed more than 10,000 Audio Bibles to service members in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

“Audio Scriptures are perfect for military men and women to hear God’s Word,” said one Navy Chaplain. “Nobody walks around with a paperback in their back pocket. Instead, they plug in their MP3 player, watch movies or play video games. They are an audio-visual generation. Why not reach them with Scriptures in the media they’re most comfortable with?”

In fact, receiving free Audio Bibles has stirred many troops to write back.

For example, an Army Sergeant in Iraq said, “Thank you for sending the Audio New Testament. It’s a fabulous idea. I enjoy listening when I need a quiet moment to reflect upon the Lord’s words.”

“Deployed troops live in cramped quarters,” added Jackson. “It’s difficult to get time alone. You’re always around other people. Putting in ear buds and listening to the Bible can help you get away. Plus, it’s dramatized with sound effects, music and multiple character voices.”

A Marine in Iraq wrote, “You feel like you’re there – like you’re listening to a story or watching a movie. It’s interesting and easy to listen to.”

A soldier’s mother expressed her thoughts by writing, “Thank you for your Audio Bible that was given to my son Matthew. He’s stationed in Camp Anaconda, Iraq. He has listened, and he enjoyed it very much. He has also passed it around for other soldiers to listen to. When you’re a mother whose child is so many miles away, it’s a comfort to know he’s keeping God with him.”

“This project is so successful the demand has depleted our resources,” said Jackson. “People can honor the troops by sponsoring a soldier for $25.”

For more information, visit or call 800-545-6552.


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