Authentik: South Florida’s Hip-Hop Collective

Christian Hip-Hop has come a long way from its 1985 debut retail single, “Bible Break” by Stephen Wiley. On February 10, 2013, artist Lecrae of Reach Records made history. He became the first Christian rapper to win a Grammy award in the Best Gospel Album category for his groundbreaking project Gravity. Other Christian hip-hop artists –such as Da T.R.U.T.H., Cross Movement, FLAME, T-Bone and GRITS – have been nominated for Grammy awards, but Lecrae is the first to actually take home one of the trophies. It was truly a milestone for the genre.

The influence that gospel hip-hop has on urban youth across the nation is steadily growing. Faith based rappers have voices in major cities like Chicago (Viktory, Alert 312, Skrip, and Gemstones), New York (Andy Mineo, Jin, Corey Red and Lavoisier), and Philadelphia (Da T.R.U.T.H., The Ambassador, R-Swift and Eshon Burgundy), and many other talented artists throughout he nation. One of the regions in the U.S. that is cultivating a vibrant Christian hip-hop scene is South Florida. Movers and Shakers like Rhema Soul, Rey King, Cheno Lyfe, Jblaze305, Bless’ed, Social Club, Rey Cruz and Anthony Rose are all making a significant mark on the urban music landscape. Many are unaware of the growth of this grassroots South Florida movement. Most have only heard of the names that are covered by popular Christian media outlets like Lecrae, T-Bone, Da T.R.U.T.H. and KJ-52. But one of the breakout groups in today’s urban music scene is Miami’s own talented and young hip-hop collective Authentik (Serge, Big Mike, Prospekt, M.I.C., E-Van, and Sciple).

Authentik is about ministry before music. Most of the members of the group met each other in high school, where they would preach the gospel together during lunch. After graduating, three of the artists moved to California to learn how to evangelize effectively. Once their three month course was over, they loaded up their backpacks and started preaching the gospel from state to state; travelling from California to Miami and delivering the word of God all along the way. Two teams were a part of this mission. One of the crews (Big Mike, Prospekt and their friend Peterson) took a three month journey through the southern U.S. The other team (Serge and his best friend Andy) travelled through the midwest. Through a connection in Atlanta, the four members of Authentik were united on a new mission to reach urban culture with the gospel through music. Soon after, the group met Gus Cruz of One Hope ministries who became Authentik’s manager. CTF (“Conformed to Facts”) records launched and the rest, as they say, is history.

The group is currently contributing to para-church ministries Cross International, One Hope, and Youth For Christ while riding the wave of momentum that was sparked by their 2012 debut album, Groans Before Glory.

“GB4G” is a project that accurately expounds on the fact that Christians will go through struggles and how we should process those struggles from a biblical worldview. Groans Before Glory includes collaborations from heavy hitters in the industry such as Sho Baraka , J’Son and Benjah. The album was produced by Mashell Leroy and Isaac Opus. Groans Before Glory is regarded as a solid debut album by many big names in the industry.

Not only has Authentik displayed a heart for ministry, they are also exceptional musicians that are quickly making a name for themselves nationally. To date, Authentik has opened up for top tier artists like Group One Crew, Thi’sl, Sho Baraka, Benjah, Humble Beast, Derek Minor, Lamp Mode Recordings and more. They have gotten radio play and features via respected media outlets such as Z180 Radio, ( WGNK 88.3 FM, (Radiate FM) WRGP 95.3 FM,, and more. Well respected lyricist Shai Linne recently tweeted: “Yo this group Authentik is killin in Miami. Rowdy southern hip-hop with solid doctrine. I love it! #BeastModeTour.”

Authentik is making quality music with a Christ centered message. Show them some local love and download their album today!

Be sure to stay tuned for more from Authentik. Follow them on Twitter at @authentikctf. Authentik’s debut album, Groans Before Glory, can be purchased on iTunes. For booking, contact [email protected]

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