Step – Hold – Step – Hold

Several weeks ago I had the once in a lifetime experience of being invited to attend the historic moment of Billy Graham laying in Honor at the US Capital. Only four U.S. civilians have ever had that honor. Officer Jacob J. Chestnut Jr. and Detective John M. Gibson were given the... -Read More

I Had (Have) A Friend

Friendship is talked about…but seldom experienced. I would like to tell you about my friend. My friend grew up in another country. He was born in a small town where he was raised by an angel of a mother and a complex father. He was part of a large family. My... -Read More

Dense Fog

A number of years ago I remember going through a drought. I define a drought as a struggle to find meaning and purpose in what I was doing. The days seemed to drag into each other and everything in my life appeared to be laborious. I had lost energy for anything.... -Read More

Meet the Twins

I have a friend named J.  He is always good for a great story.  J comes from a large family and has an influential father.  J grew up as the youngest child.  I come from a big family too; however, I am the oldest.  The oldest is the test case; the... -Read More

Hiking with Tequila

I love to hike. I could truly say that it’s one of my favorite pastimes. I could honestly do it everyday. I have had some incredible adventures throughout the years hiking. I have hiked alone, I have hiked with my wife, Lisa, I have hiked with friends, and I have hiked... -Read More


I was walking the beach one day, a pastime of mine. Living in Florida, it’s common to talk to a fellow Floridian who confesses they rarely walk the beach. I find that a travesty, akin to working in the Louvre and looking past the art or working backstage at an Elvis... -Read More

Mack Truck

The mind drifts when you are relaxed. I often wonder why we are designed to need a break from time to time. A day off, a long weekend, a vacation or sometimes just a rainy summer afternoon with a good book. The fact is we all need a break from time... -Read More

When God Shows Off

The idea birthed from a conversation Lisa and I had about what we could do for our kids at Christmas. Our family continues to grow with two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and the random foster child here or there. Lisa thought laser tag in the front yard would be great... -Read More


My wife and I were having an important discussion a number of years ago, one of those husband and wife discussions that center on schedules, budgets, decisions, etc.  Important stuff, right? Our three-year-old daughter did not hesitate to interrupt our discussion because she was thirsty and she needed her “dink” right now.  She... -Read More

Drip… Drip… Drip…

Water is essential to life. One does not have to go too long to realize just how essential water is. Sometimes we need water without even being thirsty.  The lack of water will often lead to a slow death, often without even realizing it.  The poet, king, warrior, David, acknowledged that a... -Read More