Finding the Star of Bethlehem

Was there an actual “Star” of Bethlehem or was it an apparition that God miraculously set in the skies that led three Magi (Kings or Wise men) to the Savior of the world? Could the star actually be an unusual pattern of heavenly bodies aligned over Bethlehem? Some think it was... -Read More

Make a Discovery

One of the best-kept secrets in South Florida is the Creation Studies Institute’s (CSI) Discovery Museum in Fort Lauderdale where you will find the remains one of the largest mammoths that walked the earth. It stands 17 feet tall, the height of an adult Giraffe, and was found in the Peace... -Read More

The Grand Design of Life: Evolution’s Worst Enemy

How life – which is marked by astonishing complexity and intricate design mechanisms all working together in an invisible harmony – began is considered the “mystery of mysteries” for secular theorists. The properties required for life – even in a single cell – are so uniquely complex that no super machines... -Read More

The Wonder of Time

Human experience is marked with by time. There are popular expressions such as “racing against time” or “running out of time” that are familiar figures of speech. We are connected to time, because it gives an order to life that depends on a beginning and an end with intervals of time... -Read More

First Things First

  “If you don’t know where your starting point is, then how do you know where you are or where you are going?” A similar statement was made by the Alabama Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge Roy Moore, who famously took on the ACLU when he prominently displayed a... -Read More

Young Earth – Part 3

Question: Are there evidences for young earth that can easily be observed?  This month’s article is the last of the three part series on evidences for a young earth. Last month, we focused on exposing the underlying fallacy of slow and gradual change in terms of millions and billions of years.... -Read More

The House of Horrors

You may not know what happened at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Going unnoticed for years, under the guise of a medical practice, there was a kind of ongoing holocaust occurring. The building was given the name, “House of Horrors,” because of what the FBI and the detectives found on... -Read More

Young Earth – Part 2

Question: What do the fossils and rocks really say about the origins of the world? This month, we will look at the second of a three part series dealing with the topic of the young Earth and the evidences for Young Earth Creationism found in the rocks and fossils. One of... -Read More

Young Earth

What evidence is there that the earth is thousands of years old rather than millions? Part 1 If you hear and see the same thing over and over again, you are in the process of being “brainwashed.” Webster’s dictionary gives the definition as, “A forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give... -Read More

Carbon Dating

How do scientists determine the age of earth and rocks as being “billions” and “millions” of years old? How reliable are their dating methods? The evolutionary age of the earth is about 4.5 billion years. How was that age determined since there is no date stamped of on the rocks regarding its... -Read More