South Florida’s Creation Ministry Reopens Museum In New Location

Tom DeRosa, Executive Director of Creation Studies Institute with Teacher Joanne Rabolli and Museum Coordinator Johnny Maury. Photo by: Maria Ordonez

It’s no secret that the lie of evolution has become a stumbling block for many on their path to salvation. Creation Studies Institute (CSI) is called to remove this stumbling block by teaching the truth that God is our Creator, that we are made in His image, and that all things were made by Him and through Him. We believe that God has called this ministry to serve with the purpose of promoting the biblical foundation of creation so that ultimately the lost will be led to their Creator, and Christians will become stronger in their faith. Our vision and primary goal is to disseminate information that supports the origins of man and the universe as stated in Genesis account.


A Partnership for God

We are excited about the new season God has orchestrated with South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. We have moved our operations and museum to their campus located at 2200 SW 10th St. in Deerfield Beach. Our ministry was welcomed by the President of the College, Dr. Mary Drabik, and the Board of Directors, including Dolores King–St. George, station manager, WRMB Moody Radio. This team recognizes a need for their students to be discipled and experience the many aspects of Creation truth. We are looking forward to the synergy between the college and CSI and can’t wait to see how God will direct us in touching lives and spreading the good news of the gospel together.


How CSI Started

When I was in college and graduate school, it was unthinkable that evolution could be challenged in a 1970’s classroom. It was accepted as a dogmatic fact, and I believed it to be true.

Because I accepted evolution, I found it easy to deny God, the Bible, and anything attached to it. I was swept up in what might be called the greatest deception of all time: the replacement of God with evolution. On August 17, 1978, the Holy Spirit changed me from head to toe into an entirely new creation in Christ. I still celebrate that day when, 35 years ago, I walked into the office of Dr. Ken Wackes, the headmaster of Westminster Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I walked in as an atheist, and I walked out a new creature in Christ. 

My wife and loved ones witnessed what can only be described as a miracle. I trusted in Christ, realizing that I was a sinner saved by His undeserving grace. It was this same trust in Christ that would have to resolve the issue of my belief in evolution vs. creation. I understood that I had to humble myself before the Lord with the full understanding that He would give me answers to my questions about the age of the earth, dinosaurs, the Ice Age, and many other subjects. I resolved to accept God’s Word as the ultimate authority. A few years later, God called me to begin the Creation Studies Institute, a ministry dedicated to reaching the world with the truth of creation and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Fighting the Good Fight

Abby, Sara, and Samantha Kogo holding Ice Age fossils at The Creation Discovery Museum. Photo by: Maria Ordonez

We have seen many taken hostage by godless teachings that grievously deceive people by blinding them to their Creator. Without a Creator, the Gospel vanishes. We cannot let this happen. This is why our ministry exists. Christ has manifested himself in creation so that all can see that man is without excuse as Romans 1 declares. 

God has given this ministry creativity to facilitate unique and memorable experiences through educational programs. Over the past 30 years, we have taken 15,000 people on Ice Age Fossil Adventures down the Peace River in Florida. In the process, we have discovered 100,000 Ice Age fossils, including three Columbian Mammoths. The trip’s primary goal is to help as many families as possible make a connection with their Creator. They are taught to identify Ice Age fossils and learn how this time in history relates to the biblical timeline. 

In 1996, during one of CSI’s digs, we discovered about 16 percent of the remains of a juvenile Columbian Mammoth, measuring 16 feet tall. The next year, another adult-sized mammoth was found in the same area. This time this colossal creature had a large femur (thighbone), measuring close to 60 inches in height. Calculations reveal that this mammoth reached approximately 17 feet in height, the size of an adult giraffe. A matching tibia, the bone that connects to the femur was discovered in the same site along with its large metatarsal, the foot bone. These fossils and more are displayed at CSI’s Creation Discovery Museum located at 2200 SW 10th St. Deerfield, Beach, FL 33442. Our museum has hosted hundreds of hands-on workshops, field trips, science clubs, and Adult Ed classes. We have also sponsored creation seminars and outreaches over the years, impacting young and old. 

We invite you to catch the vision and see our work in progress at our Museum’s Open House on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Come and experience our amazing Florida Ice Age mammoth bones and fossil exhibits. Enjoy fun hands-on science activities and explore God’s creation through a live animal encounter.

Visit to learn more about CSI and to find ways you can get involved.

Tom DeRosa is the Director and Founder of Creation Studies Institute, a national creation ministry whose mission is to reach the church community with the truths of Creation, and also founder of The Creation Discovery Museum. He is also an author, teacher and a sought after speaker.



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