Avanti Way Partners with TECHO to end poverty

Techo- featuredOvercoming extreme poverty is an everyday struggle for millions of families; however, more than 80,000 volunteers work with TECHO to change these conditions every year.

Founded in 1997 in Chile, TECHO is now present in 19 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean where it has worked with more than 670 communities aiming to permanently eradicate poverty.

Luciana Neveleff & Maria Gabriela Tedesco, of Avanti Way Realty, said, “We are committed to this extraordinary social cause by giving 10% of our proceeds to help build homes for families in need through our alliance with TECHO.”

TECHO promotes the development of communities through the collaboration of families living there and young volunteers. To ensure that poverty does not continue its reproduction, TECHO is also involved in political advocacy.

The encounters of the volunteers and the people living in slums also enable the fostering of social awareness and action in the younger generations, which leads to the social recognition of poverty as a priority.

For more information, visit www.techo.org.


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