Battle for Our Nation at the Polls

Battle Nation- InsideAnother election year is upon us. With so many big issues in play, there is a lot at stake. And much of the battle will be fought in the primaries. For the most part, the die will be cast at that time.

But many Christians too often choose to sit on the sidelines. Some are not even registered to vote. What kind of a world are they leaving for their children, grandchildren, and neighbors?

I remember seeing a bumper sticker on a car with Christian bumper stickers that said something like, “Why vote? It’s all rigged anyway.” Something to that effect.

But I think we’re partly in the mess today because Christians have not been voting in the past, or if they have, they have not been voting according to biblical values.

My late long-time pastor, Dr. D. James Kennedy, once said, “I remember 20 years ago, a Christian said to me, ‘You don’t really believe that Christians should get active in politics do you?’ And I said, with tongue in cheek, ‘Why, of course not, we ought to leave it to the atheists, otherwise, we wouldn’t have anything to complain about. And we’d really rather complain than do something, wouldn’t we?’”

I agree that politics can only do so much. As Cal Thomas once put it, “The Savior will not be coming to us on Air Force One.” Agreed, but, meanwhile, we have the opportunity to make a difference by casting an informed ballot. In America, thanks to those who helped shape our institutions on biblical principles for the most part, we get the government we deserve.


Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s

“Well, then,” Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”(Mark12:17 NLT). Surely, included in rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s would include voting. It’s our duty. It’s our privilege.

Historically, Christians in America applied their faith to virtually every sphere of life, including their politics. While the founding fathers were not all Christians, the vast majority of them were, and more importantly they had a biblical worldview.

So, for example, they divided power, since they knew man is sinful. James Madison, one of the key architects of the Constitution, noted: “All men having power ought not to be trusted.” This is a biblical perspective. Sometimes people complain that the Constitution limits the amount of power any one single branch may have. That was by design.


What do we need in a Candidate?

When we vote biblical values, we obey what the Lord would have us do. Jesus is not on the ballot, so ultimately we are voting for a sinner. But the question is where does that sinner stand on key issues?

Where do they stand on abortion? We know that many women today have been deceived into aborting their child, thinking that would simply end their problem. In reality, it has created many more problems. But there’s forgiveness and healing through Christ. When a politician does not get the issue of life right – such a basic right – what else do they get wrong? Conversely, when they get the issue of life correct, everything else follows in terms of the issues.

Where do they stand on traditional marriage? Marriage was God’s idea. He created the institution of the family before He created the church or the state. Who are we or any court to redefine what marriage is?

Where do the politicians stand on religious liberty? We know that many, if not most, of those who initially settled America came here for religious liberty. Today, that freedom is in jeopardy.

What types of judges will these politicians give us? Those that promote sin or those that would uphold justice? The Bible says that “Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34 NLT).

This issue alone – the appointment of judges (the president) and the approval of judges (the senate) – is worth voting for. So many of society’s ills came about through judicial fiat, in contradiction to the way the founders designed our system.

Where do the candidates stand on keeping our country safe? One of the key roles of government spelled out in the Constitution is to “provide for the common defense.” But some decisions made by some politicians today favor political correctness over national security.

While the Bible is not a textbook on politics, note how even some of its books have a name related to government: Judges, Kings. We see Joseph serving in Pharaoh’s court. We see Daniel serving (without compromise) the kings of Babylon and later that of Persia.

We know the Scriptures teach that we should pray for those in government who rule over us (2 Timothy 2:1-2).

In this country, that had such a godly foundation, we currently have the opportunity to vote our biblical values. If we ever lose such freedoms and fall prey to tyrannical government, ultimately, we will only have ourselves to blame.

There are some Christians who are so upset with the current crops of politicians that they will sit this election out. But their non-vote is a vote – a vote for someone with whom they probably would disagree vehemently.


Where to get informed

In the age of the Internet, we can do our research more diligently on where the candidates stand on the issue. One site,, lists all the candidates, including dozens of unknown persons running for president. At the site lays out where the Republican candidates stand from a conservative perspective on the issues of importance to Christians. Family Research Council has a site where you can see where our representatives stand on a variety of issues at And on it goes.

It is a privilege to vote. It is our Christian duty to vote. So vote your biblical values. If Christians show up and vote biblical values, we could carry this election – and every election.

If you are not registered to vote, you have until February 16 to register in order to vote in the primary. Visit

The Presidential Preference Primary Election will be held on March 15, 2016.


Jerry Newcombe is an on-air personality/senior producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries. He has written/co-written 25 books.  @newcombejerry

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