Big Cardio Event – Helping Kids in Crisis Within Our Community

When families break down in our community, children suffer the consequences.
Recently, a father drove his family to a Deerfield Beach trailer home and killed the occupant, and then, the man stabbed his wife and two sons. The older son died on the scene. The younger son, a seven year-old child, waited more than seven hours before police were able to rescue him and his mom. Both were hospitalized for several days.

Andre Morris, SafePlace Director of 4KIDS of South Florida, immediately went to the hospital to meet the seven year-old victim. “During the four days this boy was in the hospital, we had three 4KIDS staff members rotate being there so he wouldn’t have to be alone,” explained Morris. “We were there to minister, to encourage, and to play with him while he started the road to recovery.”
“Because his injuries were significant, he wasn’t able to return to school right away,” Morris said. “4KIDS provided daycare and some remedial education until he could go back to school. We helped him recover physically from the trauma he suffered, but we also aided in his spiritual and emotional recovery when the boy was released into foster care.”

Abuse.  Abandonment.  Neglect. The media reports and news stories are coming faster every day. How can our community support these kids when crisis strikes?
4KIDS of South Florida is hosting a special event called BiG Cardio on May 5th to highlight National Foster Care Month and to provide a platform to raise awareness in the community.

Joyce Feldman, the Event Director, shared, “BiG Cardio is a community-wide Fitness and Fun Day designed to bring families, individuals, businesses, and churches together to help provide support for the modern day orphan—the foster children of our own neighborhoods.”
“As we serve the kids,” Feldman added, “the resources do become scarce, and we never want that to impact how we treat a child. That’s why fundraising events like BiG Cardio are so significant—and it’s great fun at the same time!”

BiG Cardio will include activities for all ages including a certified 5K Race, cardio classes,  soccer, basketball,  and flag football tournaments, a rock-climbing wall, pony rides, a food court, post-workout mini-massages, and CROSSFIT – an intense, fun, adult athletic workout. There will also be a kids’ fitness class led by Brian Fuery, celebrity personal trainer and three time MMA Champion.

“We want to give the kids their lives back,” Fuery stated. “We are really trying to reshape the future. I know we can make a difference—and it’s so important that we have the support, and that people in the community take the time to care.”

Brian Macomber and his company, Five Star Claims Adjusting, are committed to the cause.   “When you are talking about something as serious as foster care, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation. Everyone has a role to play, and no role is more important than the rest. Fundraising is a necessary and critical component of the operation,” shared Macomber.

“I look forward to running at BiG Cardio,” continued Macomber. “Personally, I enjoy the camaraderie of the race and the team spirit, but when it’s for a good cause, it’s a great feeling.”

Publix Supermarkets has joined 4KIDS again this year as well. Kimberly Reynolds, Media and Community Relations Manager of Publix, said they are proud to assist 4KIDS. “We feel it is very important to support our community, specifically children in the foster care system and the kids who have aged-out. 4KIDS has been a wonderful partner, and we are thrilled to continue to partner with them for years to come,” Reynolds explained.

Doug Sauder, President of 4KIDS and a runner-up winner in last year’s 3-on-3 basketball tournament, added, “Tragedy can happen anytime, and we want to be there so we can care for the kids and minister to their needs. We want every child to receive the same type of care no matter the time of year or the situation. We invite you to join with us at BiG Cardio in this Fitness and Family Fun Day. Together we can provide a home for every child in crisis.”

To learn more about supporting BiG Cardio or 4KIDS of South Florida, please visit

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