BiG Children’s Foundation Announces Future Youth Education Center

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Joyce Feldman

BiG Children’s Foundation held “Twirl for Tomorrow” on November 10th, presenting a night of vision and fundraising for the future of teens in foster care. During the family-style dinner, Joyce Feldman, president and CEO of BiG Children’s Foundation, officially announced plans for the development and opening of a boutique Education Center in 2024, along with their goal of raising $575,200 to fund the project.

big children's foundation
L to R: Mike Marro, George Martos, Johnny Colon, Barbie Cervantes, Shannen Baddeley and Judy Baddeley

“Together with our Community Partners, we are purposing to change the trajectory for teens in foster care,” said Feldman. Due to trauma and abuse, 80 percent of foster teens suffer serious health conditions including physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral health, which greatly hinders their ability to receive the education, skills, and professional development they’ll need when they eventually age-out. Without these components, statistics show they’ll experience a negative outcome such as homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, incarceration, and involvement in gangs and sex trafficking. BiG Children’s Foundation aims to compassionately invest in teens preemptively and set them up for success, instead.

future youth
L to R: Danny Perez, Ingrid Ford, Chrissy Wright, Melissa Martens and Pamela Rossi

Established in 2015, BiG Children’s Foundation exists to improve the quality of life of vulnerable teens by restoring their health, training them to be self-sufficient and providing the academic and spiritual education, skills, and professional development they need to experience authentic transformation. 

About BiG Children’s Foundation

Their planned Education Center in Oakland Park includes a multi-purpose education space, an Artspace and learning lounge, and a health and nature garden with the goal of reshaping futures and launching careers. Feldman plans to serve more than 100 foster teens per year on-site at the Education Center utilizing their iMfit2SUCCEED Program and will deliver over 500 touchpoints in their Orbit Program, which serves shelters and group homes.

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