“Blind Eyes Opened” Informs and Equips to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Many are aware of the growing international problem of human sex trafficking, but very few are aware of how prevalent it is in their own communities and how extensive it has become. One of the most important steps that must be made prior to taking effective action towards resolving any problem is to become informed. A new and effective tool to both inform and motivate people to take action in this battle is the upcoming documentary “Blind Eyes Opened: The Truth About Sex Trafficking in America,” which will be showing in select theaters nationwide one-night only on January 23. The film presents an extensive overview of many aspects of the problem, steps we all can do to help and how the power of Christ can bring healing to the victims and even help to end the epidemic. It features interviews with dozens of knowledgeable ministry leaders, law enforcement, political leaders and advocacy groups. It even includes interviews with Abby Johnson (“Unplanned”) about how trafficking is helping to fuel the abortion industry. Also, six women share their personal stories of being trafficked as children and how they are using their experiences to help others today. 

“Blind Eyes Opened” is by far the most comprehensive and significant film on human trafficking I have ever seen! This movie is for those burdened for this crisis and for those who are ignorant of it and need their eyes opened. Considering the subject matter, “Blind Eyes Opened” shows great discretion in what is said and shown, but it is still extremely intense in its impact on multiple levels. Some will avoid it, like they do the topics of abortion or the Holocaust, because they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. But if it takes a bit of discomfort to be able to help the victims crying out for help then that is a small price to pay. This film is destined to touch and change numerous lives in so many ways.  I pray many will support this film and encourage others to see it in theaters January 23rd.  

To see a list of theatres and purchase tickets, see the trailer, and access additional info and resources, go to:  blindeyesopened.com


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Stanley Goldenberg has been involved in grassroots promotion of Christian films for 13 years. He hosts a regular “Movie Connection” program on LIFE-FM (90.9 FM) in Miami. He is also a federal hurricane research meteorologist who has published scientific articles and appeared in numerous TV hurricane specials.

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