Bob Coy – Fall of a Megachurch Pastor

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It is saddening that Bob Coy is no longer pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale due to a moral failure. He is a man who greatly influenced my life just like many others. He believed in me and the Good News from the beginning, over 15 years ago. His heart was for community and the Gospel. Because of sin some things have changed. Because of God some things haven’t. I still respect Bob and the amazing difference he has and will continue to make in people’s lives. Below are a few commentaries on the fall of a friend and local pastor. We hope that this will enlighten, encourage and educate you on how to respond to the recent situation.

Distinguishing Consequences and Condemnation

An article from Tullian Tchividjian

I was in a NYC taxi cab on a Friday night when I got the phone call from my brother Stephan telling me about what was going down at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale with my friend of 20 years, Bob Coy. I was both shocked and saddened. While it’s hard to admit, things like this happen all the time, but Bob? How could this happen to Bob? You see, it’s easy for us to put Christian leaders on a spiritual pedestal and forget that they are human too, that they face the same temptations as everyone else – maybe even more so. – Read More

Had A Great Fall: The Recurring Story Of Mega-Pastors And Mega-Sinners

A blog post from Rob Hoskins

I first met Bob Coy 25 years ago when I was home from seminary on a summer break. He was the guest on my dad’s TV talk show, “FeedBack.” He made quite an impression. The subject was evangelism and this young, fiery, hilarious, transplant from Las Vegas stole the show. In his jeans and T-shirt, he stood out on the panel of clergy wearing their Sunday best. – Read More

One of God’s Best, Like Peter, Fell

A Sermon Excerpt from Bill Mitchell

Why did Peter, of all people, deny Christ? Peter was the leader of the early disciple movement…always at the front. Bring it forward 1975 years later? Why did Bob Coy have a moral failure?  More people have come to Christ in South Florida by this man’s ministry than by any other person in South Florida. – Read More

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One Response to “Bob Coy – Fall of a Megachurch Pastor”

  1. Thank you for honoring your mentor and a man of God who as a human, has made a mistake. Whenever I hear of a Pastor in the spotlight, it breaks my heart how the Body of Christ usually takes the stand right along side the worldview, stepping into a condemning role. This generally only happens when that pastor disagrees with our theology. Our pastor is always very careful not to mention names from the pulpit or judge/condemn the one caught or caught up in sin. Jesus said ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. Honoring the men and women of God even when they are wrong in even the smallest sense of the word (yes, it happens), honors the God who ordained them, bringing honor back onto ourselves and releasing that person to get back up and receive forgiveness and restoration that He desires to bring into their lives. God’s GPS can get us all back on track, where would any of us be without the grace He so freely gave. Freely you have received, now freely give. Thank you for this article, it is so refreshing.

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