Boca Snowbird Invests in Sustainable Projects to Grow Haiti

Food For The PoorA Boca Raton man traveled to Haiti with Food For The Poor, an international relief and development organization for the Caribbean and Latin America, to dedicate a school he built and has invested in agricultural projects to improve the productivity of small-scale farmers.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Pestritto, 88, a resident of Sea Isle, New Jersey, and Boca Raton is a committed investor in Haiti’s future, recognizes God’s grace and feels compelled to give back to others.

During the school dedication ceremony, Pestritto told the students the keys to achieving your dreams are desire, strength, courage and determination. These traits backed Pesttrito’s family’s emigration from Italy. “During World War II, because we were feeding the world with 16 million troops overseas, cities allowed victory gardens,” said Pestritto. “We always had fresh produce. I want to see that in Haiti.” To see this vision through, Pestritto invested in an agricultural project that provided tools to garden, and the training of 130 bee farmers. Pestritto stated, “I want milk and honey to flow all over the island. I want to see it happen one day. I want to see it grow.”

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