Open Borders, Iran and China Listed as Top Threats to U.S. in New Coral Ridge Ministries Survey

Rob Pacienza

The most urgent threats now facing the U.S. are America’s porous southern border, nuclear-threshold Iran, and an aggressively expansionist China, according to those answering Coral Ridge Ministries’ 2024 Spiritual State of the Nation Survey.

About the Survey

An informal survey sent annually to Coral Ridge Ministries supporters, it provides members of the media and elected officials a gauge of the attitudes and opinions of pro-family evangelical Americans.

This year’s survey invited respondents to register their level of trust in key American figures. Those answering the survey said they most trust pastors (63%), followed by local school board officials (14%), Congressional representatives (10%), and the President (6%).

Other notable results include the following:

  • 25% said they have “experienced verbal or physical abuse or bias” because of their Christian faith or their conservative Christian views.
  • 100% are concerned that some Americans have been “charged with hate crimes because of their conscientious objections to the moral issues of our day.”
  • 2% support “President Biden’s bid to legalize abortion until birth” by codifying Roe v. Wade into law while 98% reject the President’s initiative.
  • 6% think schools should “allow students to ‘choose’ their pronouns without parental consent”; 90% disagree and reject that proposal.
  • 100% want the U.S. to “wholeheartedly support the nation of Israel.”

“At a time when the views of pro-family evangelicals are sometimes distorted, even caricatured, this informal survey provides a much-needed window into what Christian social conservatives actually believe,” said Dr. Robert J. Pacienza, President and CEO of Coral Ridge Ministries.

Complete results from the 21-question survey are being sent to members of Congress, as well as President Biden, his Cabinet and media representatives. Survey results are available at

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