Builders go to extreme His Caring Place

Since 1986, His Caring Place has been home to hundreds of young girls who experienced an unexpected pregnancy at a young age. Staff and volunteers lovingly walk beside these women in need, offering them a second chance to make a better life for themselves and for generations to come.

Many of these girls choose to place their babies in loving adoptive homes, while others receive parenting skills and guidance as they prepare to be single moms. In a few short months, even more young women will be able to receive the love and services that His Caring Place provides, thanks to some caring individuals in the home-building community.

According to Katy Mills, development and community relations officer for His Caring Place, “In recent years, the numbers of girls desperately needing our services has far surpassed our space, and we find ourselves turning away dozens of girls every month due to lack of beds and resources. We desperately needed a home makeover – we needed a miracle.”

Hurricane Wilma damaged the nonprofit group’s deteriorating home when it roared through Florida a few years ago. It forced the Life to move into a smaller, temporary home and to downsize their scope of services.

“Every week, we get calls from girls with nowhere to turn, and it is heartbreaking to turn them and their babies away, knowing that with a little love and a little help, many of them could achieve their educational, vocational and personal goals, breaking a cycle of poverty and pain,” Mills says.

From despair to hope

Over the past year, His Caring Place has put together a “miracle team.” It includes local and national businesses and contractors who see His Caring Place as a way to help young girls, and to have a positive effect on future lives. The team members are donating materials, labor and financial resources to make the Miracle Home a reality.

Mills says, “With the new facility, we will be able to double our capacity and reach more girls in need in our community.”

The construction process will not only improve countless lives in coming years, but it is already having a great impact on the builders and contractors themselves.

Richard Courchesne is so committed to the project that he drives from Port St. Lucie to Fort Lauderdale every day, keeping the project on target.

“This house is very special,” he says. “It’s close to God’s heart, so it’s close to my heart. Everyone that is working on this project is getting close to God.”

Courchesne adds, “In this economy we have to be close to God. Many people give after they have plenty to give, but in our world, we Christians give to God first, and God provides for us.”

His Caring Place construction project manager Emilio McLean considers this project very close to his heart.

McLean has experienced serious health issues, and surprised his family by going to the construction site and continuing with this project.

“You can feel the Holy Spirit and peace at this site. There is no swearing, no trash, no cigarettes or bottles.

It’s totally different from the typical construction site.”

McLean and the others are astounded at the generosity of local and national companies, who have donated a huge portion of the supplies and labor.

Future legacy

His Caring Place director Linda Lukasik says, “Since I joined the staff of His Caring Place, I am continuously reminded of the rich history that this Life has, not only within our local community but also across the country.

“Hardly a day goes by that I don’t have the joy of hearing from a young woman or family member who has been touched by the Life over the years. I am thrilled with each story of families reconciled and young women leading productive, successful lives saved by this Life .

“The Miracle Makeover Home will serve as the next step in a legacy of hope that has spanned almost a quarter century, by providing additional residential space.

“Volunteer by volunteer, brick by brick and prayer by prayer, together we can fulfill our mission to save lives, two at a time.”

His Caring Place is a Life under the umbrella of 4KIDS of South Florida, a major nonprofit foster care and adoption advocacy group. President Doug Sauder is a parent, foster parent and adoptive parent himself. He remembers the first time that he realized how crucial it was to reach out and help these girls.

Sauder recalls, “I was outside a clinic speaking to women about the value of their unborn children, when a young woman stopped, turned and looked directly at me, asking, ‘If I keep this child, will you take it?'”
Sauder believes pro-life advocates need to go a step further than voting for a particular candidate. “We must continue our support throughout pregnancy and beyond, as we encourage the creation of family.

Being truly pro-life is fulfilling the greatest commandment: Love your neighbor. And these men and women in construction are loving their neighbors.”

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