Bye Bye iPhone

Have you ever thought that one area of your life was so perfect that it couldn’t get any better? In the area of technology there is, in my opinion, so many opinions that it gets crowded with self-perception leaving you unable to take to heart other people’s comments. I have to admit I have been set free and found a new level of joy in my life. For so long, actually for the last 3 years, I had bought into the hype and never checked out the other side along the way.

I am talking about my phone. Over the years I never even thought that there could be a better phone. I mean we all know that it is the coolest phone…right? That’s what the media and even people who don’t own an iPhone tell us – ‘that they are the coolest, best phone ever’. I feel so lame, even embarrassed, as “techie” as I am, I have missed out on so much. I was never willing to try anything new. I was actually “forced” into buying a new phone because my wife’s phone was stolen. Can you believe that? She was even delivering The Good News when the theft occurred.

When faced with a decision of what to do, I listened to a friend’s encouragement and went the Android path (He is now an even better friend since he has brought so much joy into my life). The Motorola ATRIX has opened my eyes to a techie joy that I could never have experienced had I not been introduced to something new. Of course I began to wonder what else I had been missing out on in life because I wasn’t willing to try something new. Whether it’s a new class, workshop, musician, lesson, destination or vacation spot, are you willing to receive encouragement or suggestions from others?

What if you really are going through life stuck in a drone-like state? Let God remove the scales from your eyes and open you up to freedom and joy. What if you haven’t been able to verbally and openly praise God and a friend has been telling you to just “let lose”. Experience the joy and freedom of what God has in store for you.

Having an eye opening experience can set you free in a lot of areas, not just phone and tech stuff. How about past issues or struggles? Has someone in your life been telling you to go to a class or group? Maybe there has been a church group, retreat, conference or missions trip that you have been considering attending, but for whatever reason, you have yet to venture out of your sphere of familiarity. Imagine what you might be missing! I recently came across a great quote – I felt it spoke volumes about the experience I had just had, but it can be used for so many different situations in life. It said: What you walk away from will determine what God can bring you to. You must leave your "Egypt" before you can reach your promised land. If we can get out of our own way and trust in God to step out and try something new, the places He can lead us and the things He can show us will be incredible, I’m sure.

If you feel “stuck” in life, then I challenge you over the next few weeks to pray about stepping out, trying something different or learning something new. Free yourself. Awaken from your drone-like syndrome and allow your eyes to be opened to a new area of joy. I assure you that it will be one of the best experiences of your life.

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