Calvary Christian Academy Thespians Shine at Competition

Pictured From Left to Right: Top Row: Jordyn Cervone, Katlyn Tully, Kelsey Wells, Juan Mojica, Jake Lane, John Roig, Amanda Hotte, Tyler Verrier, Madison Norman, Hannah Sherrod, Zoey Boyette; Middle Row: Anna Hopson, Jesse McCoy, Annise Venter, Angelina DeStefano; Bottom Row: Hannah Citelli, Steven Day, Sam Hernandez Willow Rachels, Ariel Feldman, Zoë Larson, Nicole Wroth

Calvary Christian Academy Troupe 6817 competed in District 7’s One Act and Individual Event Competitions on December 7 – 9. On the first two days, the troupe competed against 11 other schools in the district and scored well with a *Superior in Technical elements and an *Excellent overall for their rendition of the one act “WhoDunnit?” Steven Day should be commended for his exceptional and witty performance in the role of The Announcer, which earned him a place in the district’s “All Star Cast”, one of the highest honors in the competition. Another wonderful performance was presented by that of the superb Stage Manager, Rachel Sparks. Her passion for the troupe, her utter focus and her determination to be the best, is what won them the gold.

The third day was the one that everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats. The day that holds the Individual Event competitions is truthfully one of the most highly anticipated days of the whole year. It is the day where the members of a troupe get to perform what they have been working on for months upon months. And it is all based on the words of 3 judges who may say whatever they like and score accordingly. There are tears shed, eardrum-bursting screams of joy, and laughter beyond compare. All in all, the troupe took over 40 individual events in more than 10 categories. They proudly marched home with a multitude of *Excellents and *Superiors, 6 *honorable mentions and a *Critics’ choice award, which is not an easy feat for one troupe to accomplish. The awards are as follows:


Honorable Mentions

Large Group Musical: “It’s Hot Up Here” –Sunday in the Park With George

Performed by: Steven Day, Anna Hopson, Luke DiLiddo, Madison Norman, Jake Lane Zoë Larson, Amanda Hotte, Hannah Citelli, Jesse McCoy, Michael Tralongo, Tyler Verrier, Zoey Boyette, Catherine Blanco, Angelina Chisholm, John Roig, Juan Mojica.

Small Group Musical: “The Baseball Game” –Falsettos

Performed by: Steven Day, Anna Hopson, Angelina Chisholm, Amanda Hotte, Hannah Citelli, John Roig, Tyler Verrier

Duet Musical: “Two Nobodies in New York” –Title of Show

Performed by: Steven Day, Tyler Verrier

Student Directed Choreography: “Baby That’s Rock n’ Roll” –Smokey Joe’s Cafe

Choreographed by: Jesse McCoy

Performed by: Zoey Boyette, Ariel Feldman, Catherine Blanco, Zoë Larson, Tyler Verrier, Michael Tralongo, Amanda Hotte, Megan Salsamendi, Luke DiLiddo, Juan Mojica, Steven Day, John Roig, Jake Lane, Madison Norman

Costume Design: Izutsu

Presented By: Willow Rachels

Publicity Design: “Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime”

Nicole Wroth


Critics’ Choice

Makeup Design: “The Mystery of Irma Vep”

Presented by: Ariel Feldman

*One act plays and Individual events are scored on a scale in the following order

Superior (being the highest award)




Poor (being the lowest)

There are also additional awards that one can receive, being Critics choice and Honorable mention.

Critics’ choice- The highest accumulative score, while also being the adjudicator’s favorite act of the day. (First Place)

Honorable mention- The Highest accumulative score, while also being the Adjudicator’s second favorite act of the day. (Second place)

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