Calvary Christian Academy’s Coach of The Year Takes on New Role

Calvary Christian AcademyAfter leading Calvary Christian Academy’s baseball team to the 4A Regional Championship game and being named Coach of the Year by the Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald and the High School Baseball Network, Coach Gregg “Moose” Mucerino has accepted a position as head coach of the baseball program at Colorado Christian University.
This year, Coach Moose led his team to a 23-7 season, advancing to the playoffs against Gulliver Prep. “Nobody achieves that by themselves” Said Mucerino. “Head coach gets the recognition but it’s the whole staff. They executed their jobs perfectly under pressure.” Describing it as a “season of coaching bliss,” Mucerino said, “the players were the best group of kids I have ever coached on that level on and off the field.”
Recently he said he has been feeling called to move to Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado, where he will be the head coach. Regarding the move, Mucerino said, “Change is always challenging, but I am excited about it.”
Mucerino has coached at Calvary Christian Academy for 7 years and and previously coached at Westminster Academy for three. He formerly coached at Citidel College of Charleston and for a Minor League team in the Southeast. Mucerino started his career by playing professional baseball in the Santiago Padres organization.

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