Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale – Talks About Forgiveness – Join Them LIVE for Zopical!

Saturday, May 14, 8:15pm

Zopical Live Webcast!
What's "Zopical"? Everyday life topics become "zopical" when they meet the ultimate answers found in the Bible! That's what's behind a new web outreach called Visitors to the site can browse, view videos, and join an ongoing conversation about topics that touch their lives, such as faith, image, cancer, HIV, parenting, etc.

They can also participate in an interactive live webcast. Streaming from the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Theatre, features co-hosts Rhonda Castagna (Reach-FM) and Pastor Bob Coy, Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. This Saturday night's topic? Forgiveness. Most of us are offended or hurt almost every day. So can you let it go? Living in forgiveness is crucial to our relationships as well as our spiritual and physical health. Join us in the Calvary Theatre May 14 as we discuss the topic of Forgiveness in our “Zopical Live” webcast. And while you're at it, bring a friend that needs to hear about the freedom forgiveness offers! Or if you can't make it in person, join us online to watch, chat and enter the conversation via texting and e-mail. In the meantime, check out our forgiveness videos , spread the word and we'll see you Saturday night!

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